Sunday, June 20, 2010


Fashion Musts are items that a girlie girl goes to when all else fails.  They are the default items we wear when nothing else works, a safe haven when brave trials fail and things so comfy that we almost can't live without.

Here are a few favorite Fashion Musts of mine:

1) Tight skinny jeans

2) A body hugging tank

3) A comfy card

4) A fashionable and functional clutch

5) Easy, cool accessories like a silky scarf

Nice, affordable items that are cute and neutral - go to's I always love to wear.

What are your Fashion Musts?

Friday, June 4, 2010


A few things I've stumbled upon and just love to use:

 Yes!  More nanos in more colors!  Love these smooth liners from Sephora!

Want shiny mane?  Just a few drops of this product on hair (damp or dry) does the trick!

My skin felt so refreshed after using this cleanser from Estee Lauder.
Also, the foam was nice and soft.

Comfy flats, especially if they are embellished tastefully.

Lotions that smell like sweet cocoa butter and cost less than a Carls Jr. burger.