Saturday, December 31, 2011


Always sunny in Seattle? Hard to believe, but it is true, because sunshine is a state of mind.

As bloggers, we put ourselves out there in cyberspace -- and cyberspace is a cruel, cruel place. I know a few bloggers who periodically get mean, insulting comments. And worst of all, the comments are anonymous -- how cowardly!

On Friday, I received such comments, with words like "you have no style," "your picture qualities is horrible," "your makeup makes you look 20 years older" and "no elegance."

Then, the same person came back three minutes later (blogger records posting time, among other useful info, by the way) to add another insult, "Tacky! That's the word I'm looking for."

(Judging from the person's grammatical errors, style of writing and content, I have a sickening feeling to whom this spiteful commenter might be.)

What a gloomy way to start the day, huh?

But then, it got sunny:

I received two packages from fellow bloggers in the mail:

An adorable Boux shower and lotion set from A Lauren to Herself:

and a Deborah Lippmann nail set from NYC and a Little Cannoli:

Such love in the blogging community! Thank you girls.

Even better -- out of the blue, a Seattle friend sent me the sweetest email that said: 

"thank you for being a good friend this year," 
"super proud of you," 
"you bring class and elegance in my life."

Then, I checked my blogger email to find a message from a company interested in sponsoring a post for my blog -- how fantastic is that?

To top it off, I ended the night at Happy Hour at Amber, one of my favorite bars in Seattle, with good food, tasty beer and delightful conversation with two awesome girls.

Amber Seattle - one of the coolest bars in Belltown.

Tasty ribs, delicious salad, and a glass of cold Stella on tap - a perfect way to wrap up the day.

Sure there are naysayers out there whose only defense against their own insecurities are cowardice cyber bullying. And as bloggers, we get the grunt of them. But it is up to us to let these mean, despicable "anonymous" commenter(s) make our days go bad.

And if you ever get one of these messages on your blog, just think of all the friends you have made on blog-o-sphere, the millions of positive messages you receive each day, and business opportunities you obtain that might someday turn your passion for blogging into a chance to become your own boss. 

(Hey, Problogger recorded over $100,000 a year in salary. Why can't you do it?)

Remember -- if it is always sunny in rainy Seattle, it is always sunny wherever you are.

How do you deal with mean anonymous comments?


Happy New Year's Eve, girlies!

May I please take a moment to thank all of Girlie Blog's readers for your support in the last year.

I blog because you read it -- the love is mutual, and it's as simple as that.

Now, onto the countdown...

As you know, Girlie Blog loves beauty products. From skincare to hair to makeup, this cyber corner is full of girlie and pretty products. Here are the girlie's best beauty picks of 2011:

10. Chanel Eye Precision Cream

You may cringe at the price tag -- $70 for 0.5 fl. oz -- but its creamy, consistent formula, and the way it quenches your thirsty eye area are worth the big bucks.

Plus, you don't need a lot to keep crow's feet away. Mine lasted over a year.

Consider it an investment.

9. Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer

For a beauty blogger, my makeup routine is actually modest -- just moisturizer and concealer on most days.

This concealer by Clinique gives me a smooth finish.

Like it promises, my skin looks smooth and flawless after use -- What other product can do that?

8. CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara

The fuller your lashes, the prettier your eyes. So blast those lashes with a powerful mascara.

I found CoverGirl Lash Blast by chance -- it was on sale at Target -- and became pleasantly surprised with the way it volumnized lashes while separating them individually. The effect was natural and pretty.

7. Vaseline

I use Vaseline in three ways: makeup remover, moisturizer and eye cream.

Its versatility is the reason why I love it so much.

6. Eco Tools Brush Set

Good tools are essential for good makeup. These ecotools are not only natural and environmental, they apply makeup beautifully as well.

5. N.Y.C Bronzer

This bronzer gives my face a nice stroke of sun, even if it is cloudy outside.

4. Pore Extractor

Clogged pores cause acne. No one wants that. Get a pore extractor and learn how to clear clogged pores. You will prevent acne and save money from expensive facials.

3. Clarisonic pore cleansing brush

Another way to battle clogged pores is to use a Clarisonic cleaning brush. 

This one has extra bristles to get deep into pores and clear our the mess inside.

2. Hard Candy Shadow Duo

This duo has the perfect colors for a subtle, earthy, everyday look.

1. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Everyone wants the perfect fit when it comes to foundation. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation applies evenly to the skin and lets your true colors come through.

At only $8 at the drugstore? This one is a total steal.

What are your favorite beauty products from 2011?


Friday, December 30, 2011


Earlier this week, I played journalist, and went to ACRS (Asian Counseling and Referral Services) of Seattle to interview public service clients for the International Examiner.

What's so special about that? 

Well, with a kid and a horrible cold, I had ZERO time (and zero energy) to get out of sweats. So I threw this black-and-red pair together into an ensemble. It took two minutes.

Thank God for pencil skirts! They are totally my go-to.

Pencil skirt to the rescue!

The notebook is not a prop. I swear!

LOL. Hey, gotta have at least one pose pic. (Please excuse the puffy face. The cold was pretty bad.)

Have you ever thrown an outfit together?

If so, how did it work out?


Do you use daily deal sites? 

I do. I check all the time to see what kind of great discounts I can run into. What can I say? I am a frugal mommy.

Lately I have been spending some time at No More Rack ( It is an online deal site that offers excellent discounts on girlie merchandise I love. When I say discount, I'm talking up to 80, 90 percent off. Sometimes you will find free items too. Shipping is a two-dollar flat fee for everything.

Merchandise range from trendy jewelry to accessories to children's clothing. However, deals are daily, so if you don't act fast, you miss out.

If you want to read some nomorerack reviews, you can do so at

You will find that nomorerack is a legitimate and wonderful daily deal site.

Well, enough blabbing. Now let's get the deal hunting started.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


How about another glittery polish? 

After Christmas, there is New Year's. We all need shiny nails to ring in 2012.

I bought Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Disco Ball" a while ago. It has a creamy, clear formula filled with tiny dots of glitters. The polish looked so pretty at the store, I had to pick it up.

Sure "Disco Ball" looks like a (disco) ball of fun, but how did it perform? Here's the review:

(By the way, I paired it with a beige-colored base coat.)


  • The brush was NOT exactly impressive. It took 2 - 3 strokes to cover an entire nail.

  • Formula has nice consistency.
  • Glitters applied evenly.
Shine Factor
  • Polish appeared smooth and shiny.
  • Glitters glistened brilliantly. Two coats seemed enough.

Drying Time

  • Drying time was impressive. It took about five minutes.

Lasting Power

  • As with most glitter polishes, this product did not last long. It chipped the next day.

Overall Impression

  • The polish looks pretty. Really pretty. But its quality did not live up to my standards.





Now let's see some pictures:

 Have you tried Sally Hansen Disco Ball yet?


Silver and gray, two of my favorite colors, mix so well together. 

They are like Captain Morgan and Coke, or strawberries and whipped cream -- one compliments the other.

Here is a silver sweater I got years ago (from Anne Taylor Loft). Its material feels soft and on the skin.

I paired it with my gray trousers -- glad they still fit, though a little snug after having a kid.

Some days, I like to toy with brights. But today, I'll play it safe and stick with silver and gray.

Do you think silver on gray mix like Captain Morgan and Coke?

Monday, December 26, 2011


One is a good number. Two is even better. 

That' is why I like to wear lipstick with gloss -- one (lipstick) sets a base. The other (gloss) adds shine. 

Combining products, however, can be tricky. Sticking with the same color spectrum is a safe idea.

Pink tones, for example, have always worked well together, and the ones I used below produced a nice, subtle lip color.

Estee Lauder in "Pink Diamond" and M.A.C Lip Glass in "Florabundance"

Two of my favorite lippie pinks

 Estee Lauder Pink Diamond by itself gave lips a smooth finish.
The color is faint but noticeable.

M.A.C Florabundance added a creamy touch and a glossy shine.

M.A.C lip glass added a creamy, shiny finish

Here is a face shot with the lip colors.

In my opinion, the pink combo worked well with Asian skin.

Do you have any lipstick-and-gloss combos to share?

Friday, December 23, 2011


A stay-at-home mom often gets the following reactions:
  • Confusion -- Why would you stay home when you can go to work?
  • Pity -- You must be sooooooo lonely.
  • Resentment -- Must be nice. Staying home all day, living off of your husband.
  • Exclusion -- She's not good enough for us. She will NEVER be good enough for us. 
  • Judgement -- Does she have anything intelligent to do say?

Sometimes a stay-at-home mom receives a combination of the above reactions. And when you are a stay-at-home mom in Seattle, where people are generally cold, you are pretty much SCREWED!

No. I am just kidding :O) You can still make friends. Seattle has many accommodations for stay-at-home parents to connect with each other.

Seattle's neighborhood playgrounds, for example, are excellent places for kids to make friends, and parents to network. I take my daughter there almost everyday, and have interacted with very nice people.

This is my typical playground outfit -- leggings, knits and booties.

It's warm enough for Seattle's chill, cute enough to wear out, and comfy enough to play with my active toddler.

Just came back from chasing the little one.

Thank God I bundled up.

What does your city have to offer parents and toddlers?

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hello girlies. Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? Just a few days until Christmas, and I am seeing all sorts of festive happenings around Seattle.

Northwest Asian Weekly invited me to their Christmas luncheon yesterday -- so kind of them to always include us freelancers -- and I put together a simple business casual outfit for the party.

Do you think business casual is hard to pull off? It can be challenging finding a balance between street and formal wear -- you don't want to look idiotically dressed up, but you also don't want to look like the homeless guy in the ally.

Here are my general do's and don'ts for attempting business casual:

DO -- Wear jeans
DON'T -- Wear jeans that are torn or have holes

DO -- Wear glitter
DON'T -- Wear glitter head-to-toe

DO -- Wear something you'd wear on the weekends, like a tank top
DON'T -- Wear tees and tanks with foul language or graphic

DO -- Wear over-the-knee boots
DON'T -- Wear over-the-knee boots with stiletto heels, mini skirts or sexy leggings. (Unless your work place is a strip club, a street corner or a "film" set.)

DO -- Wear a friendly smile
DON'T -- Be a grinch!

Wanna see my business casual outfit?

Jeans, tank (with a dash of sequins) and a little button-up sweater from H&M

A pair of nice jeans totally works for business casual

Sequins are cute, but try to keep them at a minimum

A camel-colored shadow works well for business casual makeup

A couple of pictures of the delicious food everyone brought

A buffet of yummy Asian dishes

Aren't these cakes too pretty to eat?

 What are your dos and don'ts for business casual?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Your baby's first chuckle, your parents' last embrace -- special moments in life passes you by so quickly. Shouldn't you hire the best photographer to capture those moments?

May I please introduce a couple of talented photographers?

Susan Ulep Photography

A former construction manager and a savvy mama, Susan has taken her interest in photography to the next level -- she started a business.

Specializing in family and children, Susan translates life's sweetest moments through her camera.

Please check out her site here

(BTW, Susan is a Seattle-based photographer.)

Here are a few of her amazing work from last year:

Michael Beck Photography

If you are in the Virginia area, and are looking for a photographer, check out Michael Beck Photography here.

I have known Mike since college, and he is one of the most talented people I know. Whatever he did-- sports, student council, computer programming...-- he became good at. 

Lately Mike started freelancing in photography and, without a doubt, is thriving again.

Here are a couple of gorgeous portraits by Mike:

Thanks for reading, girlies!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Complete in pink and plum

Have you ever heard people say that plum looks good with dark eyes and Asian skin? 

Today, I tested it out.

I bought this E.L.F eyeshadow duo last year. The rich plum balances well with the soft pink.

A swatch to display the colors

With just a swipe of plum below the crease lines, and blend the pink all over the lids, pink and plum eyes are complete.

Finish with mascara and liner -- I used liquid liner today because cat eyes are back again -- and this do is done:

Two-toned and easy-to-do

A nice, natural combo

What are your thoughts on pink and plum?

Monday, December 19, 2011


Flannel, hoodie, skinnies and boots -- casually cool and perfectly Seattle. Don't you just love winter's comfy dressing?

Casual, cool, layered.

Oh yes. The coffee. Never forget that warm cup of Americano.

Waiting for a photo op with Santa

Lounging around the mall while the kiddo and daddy shopped

While out on the town on Sunday, I ran into a real life flash mob. No marriage proposal with this one, but the mobbers still showed much spirit.

A roaring cheer started a spirited flash mob at Seattle's Pacific Place

What do you think of casual cool layers?

 Have you witnessed a flash mob yet?


I picked up this Wet n' Wild shadow trio a while ago, and have grown to really like its down-to-earth colors. 

Each shadow contains just a bit of shimmer. Otherwise they look completely natural and tame.

Here is a quick how-to with this Wet n' Wild eye palette:

Step 1
Apply the darker color to the lid, up your crease line

Step 2

Apply medium shade to above the crease line, to your brow bone

Step 3

Apply the lighter color to your brown bone, as a highlighter

** Note: Try to blend colors together with a shadow brush as you apply each one

Step 4

Line eyes, add mascara, and DONE!!

Great natural shades. So easy to do.

Have you used Wet n' Wild Shadow before?

How did you like it?

P.S: So sorry, but the name of this palette was torn off :O( Can't provide the colors.