Monday, November 30, 2009


Unfortunately we can't live without pores.  But it is possible to make them smaller.  With a little TLC and some lovable products, nasty pores are gone...or, at least they can appear to be gone, for good.

Here are a few tips and products to eliminate the appearance of pores:

1. Wash your face each day with a gentle cleanser.

All skincare start with a clean face.  Regular cleaning ensures that everyday dirt and oil are properly removed.  If the pores are clean, they are less apparent.
I would suggest a mild face wash that's less harsh topically.

2.  Exfoliate once or twice each week

Clogged pores are gateway for acne and blackheads.  Yuck!!!!
Regular exfoliation can help both rejuvenate the skin and unclog pores.  This leaves the skin refreshed, clean, and ready to rejuvenate.

3. Try a mud mask

Mud masks are great for drawing out dirt and oil, all those nasty stuff that hide in your pores and make them more obvious.  This is a great practice to conduct once every week.

4. Moisturize

This one is a no brainer!  Moisturizers are essential for clear skin.  
Do pick one that is oil-free and contains SPF.  

5. Use a matte foundation

Foundation with a matte effect can make skin less oily-looking.  When applying, use a foundation brush and tightly press down on the skin. This will help pores look smaller.

6. Just a little bit of help

This is a topical cream that smooths the skin and cover up pores.  You can wear it on top of or under make up.  Either way, it works pretty least for me.  It's just a little extra trick.

Hope this helps :O) No one's perfect, but you can have porefect skin!


Saturday, November 28, 2009


We love seeing our favorite girlie stars succeed, but it's much more touching when we see them succeed after overcoming failure.  Failures make them human, just like you and me.  But unlike you and me, their failure is exposed for the whole world to see.  

If I were them, I'd crawl into a hole and never come out.  Yet somehow these women bounced back better and stronger.  Their stories are inspiring; Their comebacks are encouraging.  And for an average girlie girl like me, the take away is that every failure is an opportunity for a better, stronger comeback.

Here is one of those girls with a great comeback story...

16-year old Britney Spears came onto the scene in 1997 like a breath of fresh air 

By 2001, she was the most desirable female star with the hottest abs.

A few short years later, however, she was a twice divorcee with 2 children and no hair.

And let's not forget that embarrassing initial attempt at a comeback that resulted in ridicule

But she didn't give up, did she?  Over the past year, she was back at the gym, the dance studio and on our TV Screens, looking just as sexy now as in her heyday

And just a couple of months ago, Britney not only bounced back with top selling album, she also won a brand, new VMA.

I must admit that I never was a fan of Britney's music.  But over the years she has shown us vulnerability that only a normal human being can experience.  And better yet, she has inspired us with a heck of a comeback story.

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A great look this season is a pair of pale lips.  They are nice with dramatic eyes and can provide quite a sultry look.  Here are some really easy steps to get this look from pages of a magazine to your own reflection:

Step 1: Protect your lips

The first thing you want to do is to moisturize your lips.  Any lip balm or Vaseline will do.  Here I am using Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream.

Step 2: Brush on the foundation

After putting foundation on your face, put on your lips whatever there is left on the foundation sponge or brush.  With the natural pink color of your lips, adding the foundation that you already use will create a nice color.


Step 3: Add some gloss

Use either a clear or a light-colored, sheen lip gloss onto your lips.  This will provide shine.  
If you want to stay matte, then skip this part.
Here I am using Rimmel Lip Gloss in "Mocha".

All Done!  
See?  Not difficult at all!  A great look for day or night, as easy as 1 2 3.



Monday, November 23, 2009


This tank top looks so comfy.  That's probably why I bought it.  And it also has these shiny, silver studs lined at the top, which dress it with a little fun flavor.


Always keeping it at home is just too bad.  So, here are 2 ways to wear my comfy and studded tank top:

 1) Casual and Comfy

Paired with gaucho pants and flip flops, this is the perfect outfit for lounging around.

2) Working It At Work

With a pair of wide-legged pants, inside a long cardigan, this outfit is elegant for casual Friday.

Even dressier with a chain of silver necklace:


Friday, November 20, 2009


Even if you are not Asian and do not have short, stubby lashes, you can still appreciate a pair of flirty falsies that will make your eyes look irresistible.

They may be fake, but they sure are fun.  Even for just one night only, these little falsies can transform fine lashes into fat, flirty ones.

Here is my eye without the falsies on:

Here is my eye with the falsies on:

Big difference right?  For merely $4 at any drug store, these falsies can be an accomplice to a fun night out.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Even if you wear the most boring outfits for the rest of the year, you should bling it up just for the holidays.  After all, the holidays are bright and cheerful.  

To help glitter it up, may I suggest bits of shiny sequins?

Fancy metals against slate


Purple and silver lines with plum


And a dress with fancy glittering gold

During the holidays, there's no reason to be shy.  Shine on with glamorous holiday glitters.

Need more glitter get ups?  Check out my friend T's blog:

Friday, November 13, 2009


During the dreadful winter, not only are our spirits down, our skin also takes a toll.  A lot of us, me included, often neglect our skin during the driest season of the year.  Here are a few reminders to help you overcome dry, scaly winter skin:

Your hands will always be the first sign of aging.  And if they are dry, you will look older.  Even if you have the smoothest face, don't let your hands make you look more than your age.

Cracked heals?  They are common in the winter.  Don't let this get you down because there's always hope with some TLC for the feet!

Lips also suffer in the cold weather, especially because they are always exposed.  Protect them with lots of chap stick and lip balm.

And of course, moisturize your entire body so that when Spring finally comes around, you'll be ready to show off your stuff again!

The dreaded winter is undoubtedly fast approaching, so prepare yourself well and winter proof your skin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If you are feeling a bit mundane about the regular bicep curls, here is a new twist to make this age old exercise a bit more fun and challenging:

1) Stand feet apart

2) Start by holding a pair of free weights with arms down at your sides and palms up

3) Raise the weights half way so that your arms are at a 90 degree angle.  Hold for 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4


4) And bring them up all the way to your shoulders

5) Bring your arms down again to starting position


6) Raise the weights up again, except this time all the way.


Repeat all the steps for 3 sets of 10 reps each.
And again: don't go too heavy!  Have fun, girlie girls!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Before moving to my current city, I was constantly the token Asian.  I always wanted to be the same as everyone else: golden skin, blond hair and blue eyes.  

I went to the tanning salon, purchased honey highlights and even dawned a pair of blue contacts. But eventually I realized that I can't change who I am.  I am ethnic; I am Chinese; And I need to embrace my culture and my look.  

There are so many beautiful women in the world, each with her own ethnicity.  If they can embrace themselves for who they are, so can I.

Here are some of these beautiful, ethnic women:

Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori

photo credit:

Indian actress Aishwarya Ray

 photo credit:

Brazillian Model Adriana Lima

Photo Credit:

Amerasian Actresses Maggie Q, Stephanie Jacobsen and Lindsay Price


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