Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - 3 Books Every Blogger Should Read

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." - Jim Rohn

Perhaps no beauty and fashion blogger has made a living blogging yet, let alone make a fortune. But who's stopping us from trying? 

Let's start educating ourselves -- and what better education than reading?

Here are three books I suggest to every girlie blogger -- and yes, I did read them all.

Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business 

by Barbara Corcoran

Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran

About Shark Tales

A true story about a young girl who, without any formal education in business at all, turned a $1,000 loan from a former boyfriend into one of Manhattan's biggest real estate companies.

Why Read Shark Tales?

Because it is inspiring. Not only do you learn from Barbara Corcoran's no-nonsense way of doing business, you also get the feeling that anything is possible. 

If a small town D-student can become a success, so can you!

Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett

About Problogger

From choosing a platform to selling your blog or website for a profit, professional bloggers (probloggers) Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett show you in detail, while referring to their own exeprieces, on how to make money blogging.

Why Read Problogger?

Because (successful) blogging is much more than hitting a "publish" button on some free CMS. It's about picking the right tools, knowing your audience, being both business and technically savvy, and much more. 

For anyone considering taking their blog to the next level, they'll need help and guidance from the pros.

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

by Chris Guillebeau

100 dollar startup

About The $100 Startup

In this book, fellow Pacific Northwesterner Chris Guillebeau traveled around the world and interviewed small or micro business owners who quit a conventional way of making a living (a.k.a slaving for someone else), and went into successful ventures for themselves.

None of them made a fortune, but they are all making sufficient salaries that allow them to either sustain or even better their lives.

Why Read The $100 Startup?

Because of Chris's practical advice. In this book, you won't find sophisticated business plans or complex formulas -- just down-to-earth ways others turned their products or services into an income.

I'm sure there are many more books that'll help bloggers out.

Do you have any to suggest?

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