Thank you for coming by the Girlie Blog Seattle. I appreciate everyone's support. However, if you are reading this blog, you should assume that this blog:

  1. Contains sponsored reviews.
  2. Engages in affiliate marketing.
  3. Accepts and promotes sponsors.
  4. Makes money by blogging.
  5. Hosts giveaways by sponsors. 

Monthly Gross

This is not a big-time blog. It started as a personal outlet and grew into a passionate hobby. 

Main source of income are from sponsored and guest posts.

I don't make a lot from this blog. But however little I make, I want to be honest about. 

Income excludes free products, affiliate sales and annual sponsors, and have been and will be taxed as Capitol Gain.


Aug: $290.00

July: $383.08

June: $197.07 

May: $464.18

April: $256.60