Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Store Blog Post Ideas - Blogging Tips Weekly

Good blog post ideas rock; losing them sucks. That's why you need a convenient system to store all your creative, awesome blog post ideas.

I'm sure you already have a working system. But just in case, here are a few to consider:

1. Post it where you can see it

Post-it notes are, by far, my favorite storage device. I love them because they make excellent visual reminders, and are easily disposable after use.



2. Use a smart phone

Who doesn't have a smart phone nowadays? Smart phones offer so much: email, text, photo, voice reminder, and notebook. You can perform all these actions -- via a smart phone -- to store your ideas. It's the perfect idea box on the go.


3. Mail yourself

Do you check emails often? If so, then email yourself when you come across a blog post idea. This way, you will always have it in your inbox.


4. Carry a little black red book

For the old fashioned few who still prefer paper and pen, carry a small notebook (mine's red) in your purse, and write down blog post ideas as they come.



Good ideas are hard to come by.


It's a shame to lose them.


Can you share other ways to store blog post ideas?


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