Sunday, November 4, 2012

Potbelly Sandwich Date - A Fashion Blog Post

Why a Potbelly Sandwich Date?

Because now that we have not one, but two little ones to care for, hubby and I no longer do alone time. Last Thursday, however, while the 2-year-old went to granny's, and the 2-week-old napped during lunch time, we stole a half an hour to ourselves.

Half an hour -- that's not much time, but enough for a quick bite at the local Potbelly.

Potbelly Seattle
Taking a big bite of Potbelly sandwich.

Potbelly - A Quick History Lesson

Did you know that Potbelly started in an antique shop in Chicago?

That's right. A pair of antique shop owners decided to serve hot sandwiches in their store. With the unique atmosphere of the antique shop, eating sandwiches there instantly became a popular idea.

In 1996, a young man named Bryant Keil bought the original Potbelly, and grew it into a nation-wide chain. Today, Potbelly sandwiches, as well as each store's atmosphere, remain as unique as the original.

Potbelly Seattle
My well-stacked, jam-packed tuna melt.

Outfit Post

To cover up a postpartum belly, I practiced layering with the following pieces:

  • Long maxi skirt.
  • Plum tank.
  • Over-sized gray top.
  • Teal scarf.

To complete the look, I wore a pair of short booties.

The outfit looks simple, even with four layers, and made the perfect ensemble for chillier weather. Most of all, however, the outfit was extremely comfortable to wear.

Again with a new mom's best accessory, baby's car seat.


Thanks for joining us on our date.


Have you been to Potbelly yet?


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