Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - Are Your Being Yourself?

Fellow beauty and fashion bloggers are GORGEOUS! I'm talking Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian gorgeous. Some of them can reel in hundreds of readers by posting a few self portraits. 

Think Kim K's gorgeous? You should see some beauty and fashion bloggers.


Beauty and Fashion Heavy Hitters

Eki of Ekiblog, for example, is a film makeup artist. She looks like an anime character. (Please read her latest post on Julep Nail Care. I am a big fan of her website.) And don't get me started on Annabelle of Vivaluxury and Linda of Moonon. They look like runway models and can wear no wrong. 

Additionally, working in the beauty and fashion industry, these bloggers have both the experience and equipment to get noticed.

Feeling Insecure

Blogging in the same realm as these heavy hitters can feel intimidating. Sometimes -- and I see other beauty and fashion bloggers do it -- I really want to copy their style.

But as you all know, what works for one blogger doesn't work for another. Just because Ms. Vivaluxury looks good in high fashion and leggy poses doesn't mean I'll emanate the same effect as a replicate. 

Plus, while these bloggers have cameras that cost a few grand, I have a 5-year-old Sony Cybershot and an iPhone -- the only equipment I can afford right now.

All bloggers are different, and there is no point in trying to be unanimously the same.


Find Your Best Assets

Like what multi millionaire Barbara Corcoran said in her book, "wear pigtails.

No, it wasn't a beauty advice. What she meant was to be your (best) self -- find your most valued assets and play them up.

Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran might not have been the sexiest blond, but she sure was the smartest.


Barbara Corcoran's Pigtail Story

When Barbara was 20, she worked at a diner with another waitress who looked like a playboy model. The other waitress always got better tips. Instead of stuffing her bra and piling on makeup to look like her co-worker, Barbara played up what worked for her. 

Barbara wasn't ever going to be a bombshell, but she was petite, witty and blond. So she put her goldie locks in pig tails and charmed customers with smart conversations. In no time, she also walked away with lots of tips.

Later she applied the same method in business, and grew a 1000-dollar loan into Manhattan's biggest mortgage company.


So, What Are Your Best Assets Anyway?

If you don't know what your best assets are, ask around. I'm sure your family and friends can give you plenty of insights.

A college friend told me that she liked how I am approachable. So I focus this blog on its approachable tone. That is why I always smile in fashion posts, and promote casual clothing. So what if I own a crappy camera, and don't do serious sexy poses? I am your average girl-next-door, the one you are likely to become friends with, and that's what I'll emphasize.

I'll never be high fashion, and I'll never be hot. But I will always be your friendly girl-next-door.

We Like You Just The Way You Are

Hey you -- It's okay to feel intimidated by fellow beauty and fashion bloggers. But please don't lose yourself by trying to be someone else. The best way to keep readers coming back is to offer them an authentic you. 

The next time you feel insecure, just remember -- we like you just the way you are.

 What are your best assets?

How do you play them up?

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