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Asian Makeup Tips - Why Does Purple Eye Shadow Look Good On Asians? (Beauty Blog Post)

This is my second Asian Makeup Tips post. Content required a little research. I feel proud--but anxious too--about writing it.  

Hopefully, readers enjoy this post, and possibly learn something interesting. I certainly did.

At eight, I truly believed that I was ugly.

My double lids and nose bridge didn't come until puberty. (Double lids and taller nose are traits that traditional Asians consider beautiful; such notion no longer exists, as the younger generation is more open-minded.)  

A family member often alluded to the fact that I looked ugly in conversations with others by highlighting my mono lids and flat nose in a demeaning manner. Her standards were notably high because of her profession.

At the time (I was eight), my parents were in the U.S., and she was my only female role model. I took her words to heart, and truly believed that I was ugly.

Since then, I became enamored with makeup, especially makeup for Asians that focus on enhancing what most of us lack--captivating eyes and a prominent nose.

Glad it all worked out.

Because of this Asian makeup obsession, I now have a beauty and skin care blog I'm passionate about. It provides me the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and inform other beauty bloggers. I get excited every time I blog.

Things always work out in the end, don't they?

So, what happened to the family member I mentioned earlier?  


Click here to find out.

Without further adieu, let's talk about why purple eye shadow looks good on Asians?

Undertone is the underlying tint beneath your skin. It determines if your complexion is warm or cool, and which colors flatter you. 

Asians have yellow undertone. However, yellow undertone can produce both warm and cool complexion.

(To find out your complexion, look at your veins. If they appear blue, then you have cool complexion. If they appear green, then you have warm complexion.)

Regardless of your complexion, if you are Asian, you most likely have yellow undertone. 

My own color wheel theory.

After finding the color of Asian undertone, I explored the color wheel.
The color wheel below composes of only primary (red, yellow and blue) and secondary colors (colors mixed by primary colors).

To create a harmonious visual experience--a balanced, orderly and pleasing experience that's easily accepted by the human brain--combine colors that are either analogous or complimentary to each other.

Complimentary colors are colors opposite of each other on the color wheel.

As you can see, yellow and purple complement each other--that's why purple eye shadow looks good on Asians. 

Spelling error alert! I meant "complementary," NOT "complimentary." (Wheel was my own drawing.)


Also, yellow and purple each has its own set of warm and cool shades, making it possible to fit every complexion.

I just happen to have warm complexion--and found that a jewel-toned purple works well on me.

Eye Shadow Recommendation 

One eye shadow palette I recommend is Heather Trio by Clinique. (Mine was from a store sample, and had only two shades from the Trio.)

Because the purple is so bold, I applied it in the area under my crease, instead of all over. This way, it doesn't overwhelm.

Loved the sample, and will most likely purchase the full-priced palette.

The bold purple and soft pink are analogous colors. They mix well together.

After applying liner, mascara and gloss, a day look is done.


Well, that's all for today.


Thanks again for reading.


Any other Asian Makeup Tips to suggest?


  1. I've never worn purple eye makeup, but now I definitely want to go buy some!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story in the beginning! As a fellow Asian woman who's also faced strict standards of elders, I can see where you are coming from. It's great how you took control of how you viewed yourself and turned it into something positive and impactful. :)

    As for the purple eyeshadow, I agree with you - it does look very flattering! I didn't make this discovery until a couple of years ago and now I've noticed that most of my collection has cool-toned or purple shades. I guess my tip is for when you are pressed for time: Fill-in the brows & just swipe mascara if you have no time for liner. They emphasize the eyes and face shape in a pinch!

  3. Cool! Thank you for sharing!

    Visit my blog sometime, and if you enjoy being there as much as I enjoyed your blog we can follow each other ;)!

    Here are the links to follow each other:
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  4. You look absolutely gorgeous, darling!
    Wonderful post!


  5. Nice info:) I prefer mauve to purple!

  6. Great tips for us asian girls! I love purple shadow and I agree it looks great on our lids. ;)

    xo – Sheila
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    Find me on BlogLovin!

  7. Great post! I totally agree that purple looks great on Asians eyelids. Really give my lids more depth. I have avoided applying pink shadows for the longest time but find a great shade of pink will be very nice to give a nude natural look.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story and you look amazing in that colour! x
    Check out my new blog:

  9. This was so interesting! I didn't know that the color of your veins predicted if you had a warm or cool complexion. I just looked at mine! HaHa I love learning something new. Sorry you had to experience that as a child. Family members can be just as cruel. The purple eyeshadow looks amazing on you!

  10. The color wheel theory is really interesting! Never thought of that before. I never considered wearing purple eye makeup before until someone at Bobbi Brown recommended a deep purple-black eyeliner, and now I love it so much! You look beautiful here :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  11. Loving this makeup pick. I always have to go with really dark eyeshadows for it to actually show up. You are beautiful. Love the make up tips! Thanks for sharing! Xo M at

  12. Yes, family sometime can be insensitive at times! It looks beautiful on you, I wear these same colours and love purple shadows! :)

  13. I totally agree. Most my smoky eyes are done with purple.

    7% Solution​

  14. you look stunning- the make up is fantastic, but your petty face really does the trick!;)
    kisses and wish you a fantastic weekend!

  15. First let me start by look gorgeous without makeup! Also, thanks for sharing that tip about how to figure out if you're a cool or warm undertone.

  16. You are so patient for coming with an entry like this.
    I've noticed that before, since I'm an Asian, purple would be my default eye shadow in weddings.
    This helped me a lot then.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Btw, you're so lovely indeed!
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

  17. This theory also works for non-Asian, with yellow undertone =)
    love the look...

  18. You're so pretty! <3
    Definitely following, look forward to your future posts ~

    Cherry Jade

  19. the link about your family member didn't work--was that on purpose? hehe i'm sorry for any girl that's made to feel ugly at such a young age!! i'm really glad you beauty blog now, though. great color tips :)

  20. You look stunning, I really enjoyed this post! :) xxx

  21. Love it! I've always found cool tone shades, blues, and purples to be sooo awesome on asian skin tones. I think your look is great, so much definition and its so wearable!

  22. This is really a nice look. I think it makes sense to think of make up in terms of skin tone. There is a shade for everyone of us out there, I think that was what one designer said. It's all about finding the right colour and shade that fits us.

    Btw my veins look kind of green and I think I'm a warm type because I have that typical Mediterranean skin.

  23. Great tips, you look stunning! Love the colors
    and the shadows!

  24. Wow, I should try purple eyeshadow one day. I've always wanted to be on the safe side and thus I only use black and brown eye shadow but your post inspires me so much.

    Thank you and the color wheel was really helpful too! <3

    Celyx Lim

  25. Very nice post. I love this! :)

  26. Your articles are always so detailed and interesting! I know peuple eyeshadows look great against my blue eyes (I also have yellow undertons, depsite being naturally pale) but I avoid most of them because I have allergies to carmine ):

  27. You are beautiful. I also experienced feeling ugly but only in my teens. Asians are beautiful and keep up with the positive posts.

  28. I think you're beautiful and am glad you acquired not only the beauty you always sought but the intelligence and insight to recognize what's truly important in life. I enjoyed this post even thought I am not Asian! In fact, my makeup goal is to make my nose bridge look wider.


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