Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do Fashion Bloggers Meet Up With Each Other? (Fashion Blog Post)

Fashion bloggers meeting up with each other -- does it actually happen?

Hell if I know.

But I know I did. For the first time.

Meet Bella.

Seattle Fashion Bloggers Meet Up

Seattle fashion blogger, 40+ and proud of it, trend setter, go-getter, and the author of The Citizen Rosebud -- Bella in a nutshell.

When she's not hanging out with her boy or working at her vintage store, she's dreaming up her next outfit.

What will it be today, Bella? Bearing it all in a Betty Boop-inspired halter, or wrapping yourself comfortably in a 20-something-year old sweater? 

With Bella, it's always a surprise. 

A pleasant surprise.

Seattle Fashion Bloggers Meet Up

Seattle Fashion Bloggers Meet Up

Seattle Fashion Bloggers Meet Up

And that's why I love her blog.

Because Bella always surprises me.

You see, fashion bloggers get along because they have something quintessentially passionate to talk about -- blogging. 

During my conversation with Bella about blogging, I slightly noted that the reason why I stopped reading some bigger blogs is because they became so blah -- too goody two-shoe, too afraid to offend the masses, and too little of their own opinions

A growing audience means more people to please, I suppose.

"Personality!" I said, "they lack personality."

Not with Bella's blog though. She's all kinds of personality there.

In both fashion and writing.

And that's why I love her blog.

Find her in full bloom on The Citizen Rosebud.

Where's the fashion, girlie?

Oh yes. How can I forget.

Being a mom, simplicity is key. Bella described it best: I'm a minimalist.

I had no idea.

My outfit consisted of a long, solid top over dark skinnies. On my feet were Mocassin flats

It was a subtle and wearable attire -- perfect for meeting up at the cafe.

Seattle Fashion Bloggers Meet Up
Thanks Bella for taking the pictures.

Seattle Fashion Bloggers Meet Up
Strike a pose!

 By the way, Bella, I and baby J met up at Fresh Flours in Phinney Ridge - an excellent little cafe.


Hey Bella, if you are reading this, next danish is on me.


  Happy Hump Day!


Are you a Seattle Fashion Blogger too? Bella and I connected through a FB group called Seattle Style Bloggers lead by Lindsay of Lindsay Living.

It's a cozy little group, if you want to join.


  1. so amazing!
    I would like to go to you in Seattle...Have a nice day! Today in Italy is the celebration of liberation of is a national celebration!

  2. Its great meeting fellow bloggers right. And you have described it so well. Even in pictures showing you guys getting more friendly. :)

    And love your outfit, specially the way your eye shadow matches. Followed you via Bloglovin and GFC.

    Hope you will visit our blog too.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  3. awww it's always nice to meet blogger friends in real life! I think I would be a little shy though.. haha..

  4. Triston-on-on! It was so good to meet you- what a joy, and treat to relive it here on your blog. I look forward to our next shared danish, and of course I want to do a serious photoshoot of gorgeous you!

  5. So glad you two had a great time! That's what blogging is all about! Connecting with blogs that interest you. What one finds boring, another finds interesting and vice versa.

  6. What fun!
    Cute pics, darling!


  7. I love meeting fellow bloggers. Like you said, we are all so different yet have so much in common. Looks like you had a fun time!

  8. That's so great! I would love to meet another fashion blogger. You know when you start accidentally getting into a convo about blogging and the person you're talking to starts to zone out because they don't blog? haha, It happens too often.
    xoxo Aimee

  9. i really want to meet fellow bloggers!! some day. you lookd adorable, that top is gorgeous! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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