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Business Casual for Young Women - Perfect Casual Office Attire in 3 Steps (Fashion Blog Post)

First of all, I am NOT a young woman.

But when I was young, like fresh-out-of-college young, I had a hard time figuring out what casual office attire is.

I just happened to join a team full of men, and none of them cared that I wore street wear like cargo pants. So I never learned. I wish there were female co-workers who can help me in the fashion department.

I know I named this fashion blog post "Business Casual for Young Women", but it isn't necessarily age-specific. It's just that because I had trouble differentiating between business casual look and street wear as a 23-year-old, maybe the fashion tips below can help young women just entering the work force more.

And if you happen to be in your 30's like me, or older, and find the tips useful, then great! I'm happy to be of service. 


Business Casual for Young Women


Business Casual for Young Women - Perfect Casual Office Attire in 3 Steps

Step 1: Find your fab four.

Your fab four are the four key pieces that make up any layered outfit.

(I say "layered" because layers are safe to style. In an office environment, we want safe.)

The fab four I chose are 1) pants, 2) top, 3) jacket and 4) shoes.

Step 2: Identify a typical casual attire.

With the four key pieces (from step 1) in mind, think of what you would normally wear as street wear.

For me, that would be 1) jeggings, 2) graphic tee, 3) short-sleeved jacket and 4) boots.

Step 3: Upgrade each piece.

For each piece of the fab four, upgrade into something clean-cut, elegant and presentable.

When in doubt, use the following rules:

  • No denim.
  • Nothing torn, ripped or broken.
  • No logo or writing on clothing--and absolutely no profanity.
  • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  • Don't outshine the work you do or your female boss. 

As you can see in my example below, jeggings upgraded into dressy skinnies, graphic tee transformed into a fitted shirt, jacket sleeve went from short to long, and boots switched into pumps. 

Business Casual for Young Women

Business Casual for Young Women
Good gosh I miss last weekend's sunshine.

Business Casual for Young Women
Now that I think of it, I should have added a bracelet or watch.

Business Casual for Young Women
Love the bright jacket. So versatile.


Three steps, and the perfect casual office attire is done.


Hope you enjoyed this fashion blog post.


Happy Sunday!    


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  1. very very nice outfit!!
    I wait for you soon!!


  2. Hmmm, the fab four is a great advice, I should think on that.
    THANK YOU for the awesome tips, always enjoy visiting your blog ^_^

  3. You look super slim here, T =) Love the color of your blazer. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Yup, I am that 23-24 year old still navigating through what "Business Casual" attire means... And this has been very helpful! Over the past couple of years I kind of just observed what other women were wearing and took mental notes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tips for making a transition to an office environment. Like you said, they apply to everyone at any age but first-timers will especially appreciate the tips. I like how you can upgrade each piece to still feel comfortable and look polished.

  6. you look stunning, that top is so flattering! :) xxx

  7. I love the striped contrast between the whole outfit!

    its on trend for sure


  8. This is a great business outfit, just perfect for a office.
    By the way, you look young.

  9. Awesome showing of transition! Very polished!

  10. great look and I agree with your rules.

  11. Love this outfit, the blazer is gorgeous!

    It would be lovely if you could check out my blog too, and even better if you wanted to follow each other?

    Grace X

  12. Gorgeous look and fabulous tips, darling!


  13. Very useful !! :) and you are young !! <3
    By the way what a perfect body lady
    Aminta Online

  14. love this great outfit for the workplace hon! so chic and yet totally appropriate for the workplace!!! love it!

    haha ohh i dunno.. i always equate blue-ish green to be teal?? but i might be mistaken.. is there a better word for the color hehehe??

  15. Great advise. I worked on a project last year for a company that said they were business casual, they even handed out a leaflet that said what was appropriate and not, I was in shock of what some people wore. Although jeans were on the list of what could be worn, people would come in with tattered and torn up ones and even sweat pants!

  16. great tips! this is is an awesome post

  17. Such a quick change and the outfits look totally different! Love this cobalt blazer!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  18. This look is perfect for business meetings and work days! Beautiful!
    Have a great week, xX

  19. Love the blazer! Sucha gorgeous colour!! M xx

  20. Shh, you look young and beautiful here :) so gorgeous and helpful tips too! x

  21. You LOOK young, so that's all that matters. Love your shirt and the blazer, you look gorgeous.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. Well I think you still look young dear! :) This attire is perfect! I can actually follow wearing it at work :)

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  23. Hey Triston, I absolutely love this outfit. Definitely something I would wear to work. Yeah, I used to work at a freight forwarding company but that was ages ago. It was a small company not the one you mentioned. I really like that industry. I learned so much. Are you enjoying it too?

    xo Jo

  24. I struggled with the same thing when I had to transition from jeans to work-wear. This is great advice to anyone who is new to that environment. You look great!

    xo Kate
    Fashaholics Anonymous

  25. This is some very nice advice! haha you still look very young right now!!

    I think I am going to have a hard time going from jeans to work type pants ! Denim is something I love, but it would be nice to wear pants that aren't skin tight at the same time!

  26. I like the upgrade concept, never thought of that before! This is such a gorgeous outfit, your blazer looks incredible!

  27. You look beautiful and very very skinny!!!

  28. Ahhh I'm all about the layered effect! Most of the time. :) You say you're not young but mannnn (or should I say "womannn") you look like you just got out of college. I hope I'm blessed like that even after I have my baby, hehe.

  29. you always manage to lokk so beautiful and so well pulled together!
    love the looks!
    wish you a sunny happy week

  30. you look gorgeous, so classy! that blue blazer is such a great item!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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