Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - Niche Market Blog vs. Niche Audience Blog

You are creating a blog. Should you follow everyone else's online marketing strategy and make it a niche market blog?

Two Types of Blogs, Not One

I once received an unsolicited advice on making Girlie Blog Seattle more of a niche market. Though it was a subtle and well-intentioned suggestion, it was still annoying to be told what to do. Especially when the person isn't an avid blogger herself, and doesn't know that there are two types of niches -- a niche market and a niche audience.

Though a niche market blog is more well-known and great for marketing on the internet, a niche audience blog has its own appeal. 

The decision of creating a blog for a niche market or a niche audience should be up to the actual blogger, and not up to anyone else.

Niche market blogs and niche audience blogs are like apples and oranges. You can't really compare the two.


Difference Between Niche Market and Niche Audience

Niche market blogs need no introduction. They are written for a certain niche, like wedding photography or iPhone app making. They are usually written by people who know the subject well, and are usually go-to places for others interested in the same niche.

Niche market blogs are also great for marketing on the internet, for products that fit the niche.

Niche audience blogs are less common. They are blogs that cater to a certain type of audience. Examples are mom blogs or lifestyle blogs. They don't focus on a particular subject, but rather a particular audience.

A lot of niche audience blogs also do well with marketing on the internet, because of the demographic they reach. 

So, Which One is Better?

Honestly, both types of blogs do well, as long as they are well-written and do not defect from focus.

The Lacquer Tracker, for example, is a wonderful niche market blog. It focuses on nail polish only, and doesn't have other types of posts.

A Cup of Jo, which many of you are familiar with, is a niche audience blog. It includes various categories, including motherhood, New York hot spots, hair tutorials, and other types of women's interest. It is written by a New York city mom, and attracts cool girls just like her, or those who want to be like her.

A Cup of Jo has over 33,000 followers, over 10 displayed sponsors, a page rank of 6, and no niche market at all.

Enjoying a late night cup of jo.

It's All Up to You

You are creating a blog. Will you make it niche market or niche audience?

I say it's all up to you. And if your initial choice of a niche audience blog doesn't work out, you can always splinter it into different niche market blogs

In your blogging "career," you will meet people who feel entitled to critique your technique and provide unwanted advice. At the end of the day, however, it's still your blog -- your product. So do what you feel comfortable with.

When it comes to your blog, do what makes you happy.

What type of blog do you prefer? Niche market or niche audience?

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