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Best Self Tanner - LORAC SelfTANtalizer Review (Beauty Blog Post)

Want golden skin but don't feel like baking in the sun? Many girlie girls resort to self tanners. However, even the best tanning lotion on the market can leave your skin streaky or orange. 

I received LORAC SelfTantalizer from Funny Face Beauty a few months ago, and recently started using it. This self tanner gradually builds your tan with each use, giving you natural color.

I have used a lot of brands before, but LORAC SelfTantalizer is really one of the best self tanners out there. Read on to find out why.

LORAC SelfTANtalizer Review


Overall Quality

  • This self tanner delivered a slight increase in color with each use. Result looked subtle, not harsh.
  • Color did not rub off on clothes.



  • Formula was runny. I didn't like that. But it was easy to even out, and dried in mere seconds.

Formula runs a bit, but it's not super messy.

At first, the formula will feel watery. But it blends well as you gently rub it out.


  • LORAC SelfTantalizer provided a beautiful coat of golden tan. It looked natural and healthy.
The streak in the middle, which is what I just applied, dried after a few seconds. Color is a natural tan.


Lasting Power

  • Color did not fade over night. 
  • A tan built up gradually, making color last longer.



  • Flip top was easy to use and store away.
  • Gorgeous gold and brown colored bottle. It definitely resembles a luxurious self tanner.

Flip top made it easy to use and store.


  • Beautiful color.
  • Awesome lasting power.
  • Delicious vanilla smell.
  • Formula excludes paraben.
  • Product also came with a mitten, making application so easy and smooth.

The mitten makes formula simple to apply.


  • Runny formula was annoying.
  • Price is high. A 5 oz. bottle retails for $34.


Overall Rating




Though LORAC SelfTantalizer cost a lot of money, the end result is worth it, and I certainly think it's one of the best self tanners in stores. 

Who wouldn't pay for a beautiful tan?


Do you use self tanners?

What is the best self tanner you have used?

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  1. Wow! It almost looks like watercolour! I don't much like tanners but hey if it works for you then great!

    Amanda Reid Makeup


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