Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - A Shapeless Dress

Dressing a growing belly is like shooting a moving target -- belly grows exponentially each day, you never know what fits at the moment. Finding the right pregnancy fashion takes both patience and creativity.

My one shapeless dress certainly proves useful right now, because it has room to fill -- and fill it I did.

This is how I normally wear a shapeless dress -- with a belt to create a waist.

A red belt added contrast to basic black and white.

Now, I wear it as is. And it works just as well.

This is how the dress normally looks like.

Belly actually gave the dress a shape - round :O)

Very happy that I can still fit in something pretty.

I often thought of giving this shapeless dress away. So glad I kept it for another pregnancy.

Any other suggestions for pregnancy fashion? Choices are getting slim, so I am all ears.

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