Monday, July 28, 2008


Excuse my French, but fuck those skinny bitches in Hollywood who think wearing stilettos and vacuuming is considered a calve workout! They got their superstar calves just like human beings such as you and me - EXERCISING!

May I introduce my new best friend at the gym? The standing calve raise machine. For a pair of sexy, shapely legs, try it out at desirable weight with 3 - 4 sets of 10 reps. And don't just raise your calves and let go, try holding the raised position by a few seconds each rep. Don't lock your knees, and don't bent them too much. Keep your posture straight and look ahead. Just like any other exercise, focus on isolation!

OK girls, I got nothing against stilettos! Now that your calves look super toned and sleek, wear those heels and dance til' you drop (which can be another great workout)! Just don't believe the myth that great legs are as easy as free. You want em'? You work for them! And once you have em', show em' off with a FABULOUS pair of stilettos!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Like a drug, hair coloring can be just as addictive. Streaks of honey blond for the summer and tints of auburn in the fall, even vowed hair virgins become enslaved to passion for a head of beautiful, luscious color.

Coloring, like all sacrifices for beauty, can be damaging overtime. It is recommended that all colored hair, be it low lights, highlights, partial or full, is treated to deep conditioning once a month. But with such pricey treatments at the salon, who has the money?

No fear! You can get similar results with PANTENE PRO-V RESTORATIVES Time Renewal Replenishing Mask. Lather this product in wet hair for as long as three minutes and rinse. Your hair will feel soft, smooth and touchable - yup, like a virgin again!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Any girlie girl deserves to look the part. Sometimes it's cool to be edgy, but a soft style can be both sexy and approachable.
Gladly, ruffles are everywhere in the current season. From tanks to minis, work to weekend, a little ruffle here and there can soften even a rocker chick, never mind a girlie girl!

Here are a few suggestions on how to wear this girlie trend:

1) Casual and comfy:

2) Flirty and fun:

3) Sexy and smart

4) All dressed up