Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - 1 More Reason to Create a Blog - the Evergreen Factor

I offered convincing reasons to create a blog in a recent "Blogging Tips Weekly" post (5 Reasons to Start a Blog), but forgot one important reason -- a blog's evergreen factor.

What does evergreen factor mean? It means that your blog's potential forever grows, as long as you continue blogging.

Your blog's potential

It's hard to describe your blog's potential, because it solely depends on each blogger. For me, potential signifies personal fulfillment and eventual income

How is your blog evergreen? 

You started a blog to share your passion with others. Because of your knowledge and interest for the subject, you feel completely and genuinely fulfilled every time you work on your blog. You enjoy it so much that blogging about your hobby has become a hobby itself.

After a while, you have gained readers, attracted marketers (for paid advertisements), and opened an income stream. Even if your blog does not possess a wide audience or make a lot of money at the moment, it has the potential to.

As long as you continue, your blog will forever grow in both personal fulfillment and income, like an evergreen.

Your job, however...

First of all, everyone retires.

Perhaps you will have your own company, or return as a contractor. But most likely, you will leave your job for old age. This makes the potential of your job -- in both personal fulfillment and income -- finite.

If you are lucky, you have invested enough to retire in comfort. But what of personal fulfillment then? How would you feel when your entire career came to an end?

Trust me, it feels awful -- and even somewhat demeaning -- when, all of a sudden, you no longer have others looking up to and depend on you, contribute to a team, or have problems to solve that keep your brain churning. 

I got a taste of it when I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. I have never felt so insignificant.

Then, there is your blog...

Your blog, your passion, doesn't have an expiration date. As long as you blog about something you love, you can do it for years to come.

Sure your taste may change -- not everyone can fit in a mini skirt forever -- but you will always be crazy about fashion no matter what age.

Your job has a beginning and an end. Its potential is finite.

Your blog has a beginning, but no end. If you let it, its potential will forever grow.

Do what you love. The money will come.

The longer you blog, the better you get. More people will come. More advertisers will notice. If you want to make money, your income potential will grow with time. Who knows? Your part-time hobby may earn enough to become a full-time job.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post (5 Reasons to Start a Blog), since I opened this blog for advertising nine months ago, I am making around $100 a month. It's not a lot, but it's only been nine months, at part-time. Imagine its income potential in 30 years, when I retire.

Do what you love. The money will come. But you must get started first.

Keep blogging, and keep your blog evergreen.

The longer you blog, the more fulfillment and income you get. Your blog is evergreen.


So why not start now?

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