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Skin Care Blog Post - Reviva Makeup Primer Review


What does makeup primer do? 

It serves as a layer between your skin and foundation to enable smooth application. For people with bumpy acne scars and oily skin, makeup primer provides them with even coverage. You do not need makeup primer, but it certainly helps. 

Reviva Labs

Reviva Labs, founded by America's earliest aesthetician Stephen Strassler, has been making skin products since 1973. Though Reviva Labs kept its presence silent in the skin care industry, its products are distributed all over health and beauty stores.

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer Review

I was delighted to have been contacted by Reviva Labs to review their makeup primer.

I do not usually use makeup primer, but have been interested in trying it for a while. This particular makeup primer can be used over moisturizer or under makeup, and promises to fill in lines, conceal pores, and control oil. Sounds like a winner to me. Let's find out how it really worked in the review below.

Quality and Performance

  • Very smooth application. 
  • Formula squeezed out of the bottle in tight and controlled consistency, and massaged onto my skin evenly and effortlessly.
  • It created a polished veneer, and gave skin smooth and even appearance.
  • I can immediately distinguish a topical-only improvement in skin after use.
  • I then layered on foundation. Foundation also applied smoothly. It kind of just glided over the makeup primer.

Reviva Makeup Primer Review
Gel formula was nice and consistent. No runny mess at all.

Reviva Makeup Primer Review
Fantastic application. Felt really smooth on the skin.

Reviva Makeup Primer Review
It massaged onto skin evenly, and gave skin a smooth appearance.


  • Light -- almost feather-like -- feel. I barely noticed I had it on.

Reviva Makeup Primer Review
Foundation applied well over primer.

Reviva Makeup Primer Review
Foundation slid on and evened out easily.


  • Skin was not irritated after use. 


  • Personally, I like my makeup and skin care products a little glamorous. Reviva Makeup Primer's packaging appeared plain for my taste.
  • Also, I don't like pump bottles, as they are hard use when product comes to its last few drops.

Overall Likes

  • Great quality. No grease and no mess. Made skin appear silky and soft.
  • Worked extremely well under foundation.
  • Did not cause irritation to the skin.
  • No funny smell -- a huge plus.

Overall Dislikes

  • Plain looking bottle. (However, this may not be a big problem for most people.)
  • Price. 1 oz. bottle cost $19.50. I'm not sure if the general public would pay this much for a makeup primer.

Overall Rating



I would.

Although Reviva Labs Makeup Primer has a high price tag, it worked marvelously, and gave skin a smooth, soft appearance. In my 30's now, I certainly need youthful smoothness.

Also, I already pay $14.50 for pore fillers. If I get this makeup primer instead, for only $5 more, it makes a sensible trade.

Hope you enjoyed the review.


If you want to look for more quality skin care products from Reviva Labs, please visit there web site below:

Do you use makeup primer? If so, which brand?


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