Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Layer Yourself Slim

At the end of a pregnancy, your baby grows exponentially. During a play date today, a mama friend I haven't seen in mere two weeks was shocked that my belly had gone from just big to astonishingly astronomical.

Yikes! I still have a few weeks to go!

Looking like a fat whale isn't a settling thought :O( But hey, if I have to deal with it, why not deal with it fashionably?

Whenever I want to look slim, I always layer on a fitted jacket. Pregnancy is no different. After rummaging through non-maternity clothes, I found a casual jacket I bought at a garage sale.

Layer the jacket over a simple maternity top, and decorate it with a silk scarf, I am as good as slim -- (lol) or as slim as a pregnant woman can be.

Pregnancy Fashion 1
Layering always helps me look trim.

Pregnancy Fashion 2
A bumpy side shot again. The little one inside has been growing and kicking like crazy.

  This Union Bay jacket cost only $2 at a garage sale.

(LOL. Remember Union Bay from waaaaaaaaaay back in high school?)

I love a fitted jacket. I also like this one's cool and casual look.

 To add color to this outfit, I'd tote around this satchel:

It's a Melie Bianco Anny Boxy Top Handle Satchel Handbag in Turquoise, from the newest Melie Bianco Handbags collection.

I love how it is structured to fit, and has such a vibrant color.

(This handbag is sold on Modaqueen, a premiere discount online store that sells various designer accessories and clothing for as much as 80% discount.)

That's all the pregnancy fashion I can handle today.

What about you, girlie?

Do you layer up to slim down?

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