Monday, August 6, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - Summer Skin Savers

Is your skin feeling the heat? 

In summer time, sun is extra hot, air is extra thick, and humidity depletes your skin of moisture. But don't you worry. By paying your skin extra attention, you can keep it supple and beautiful. Just remember the following summer skin savers:

Eat Healthy Foods

Summer is abundant of healthy fruits and veggies. My favorites are juicy peaches, mangos and watermelons. 

To go one step further, and create a healthy meal plan, visit fitness and health websites such as

Yum! Mangoes and peaches.


In addition to healthy eating, take extra supplements like vitamins. They are good for your body and skin.

These little gummy vites taste like candy, and are also good for you.


The hot summer heat is completely dehydrating. Replenish yourself by drinking extra liquid.

Always bring water where ever you go. And don't forget to take big gulps.

Wear Sun Protection

SPF is essential for protecting against damaging UV. Make sure your skin products contain sun protection.

Cannot wait to try my new BB cream. Its SPF was a big bonus.

Take It All Off at Night

Even if you are tired after playing in the sun all day, take time to take off your makeup. A dirty face clogs pores, creates discoloring, and induces wrinkles.

Just a gentle facial cleanser is enough to take off a whole day's dirt and oil.

Do you have any summer skin savers to share?

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