Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - My Biggest Blog Inspiration

Even the most creative beauty and fashion bloggers run out of ideas. Therefore, we are constantly searching for blog inspiration. Many of us find inspiration through magazines, photos on the web, or other beauty and fashion blogs -- all great places, but none of them compare to our girlfriends.

Out shopping with a couple of girlfriends today. They suggested embellishing my big belly with sequins.

Engineer Girl Syndrome

In college, I met a lot of girls with Engineer Girl Syndrome. Having gone through school and working with mostly men, these girls are used to an extreme amount of male attention. 

They then purposely seclude themselves from other females, for retaining male attention, fear of rejection, or whatever reason I will never understand. Many of them won't give other girls the slightest chance, especially girls who are into beauty and fashion.

After a delicious lunch, we got some milk tea.

And then conducted more shopping :O)

Everyone Needs Girlfriends

Sure some girls can be catty, jealous and gossipy. But most girls are caring, compassionate and fun. They are sharers of laughter during good times, shoulders to lean on during hard times, and the most genuine people I have ever met. 

They also make the best inspiration for any beauty and fashion blogger. But you will never know how wonderful girlfriends can be, if you never let them in.

Yum. Friday dim sum with mama friends, who always educate and inspire me.

How Girlfriends Inspire

Girlfriends inspire me in so many ways -- through girl talk, advice sharing, fun nights out, and shopping trips. 

It's because of my girlfriends -- or how much I miss them after moving to Seattle (in 2007) -- that I started Girlie Blog Seattle, so I can find others through cyber space to share my passion for beauty and fashion with.   

Don't Be So Quick to Judge

I'm sure you do not have the Engineer Girl Syndrome. But if you ever find yourself judging someone who enjoys beauty and fashion -- please stop.

You never know what this person has to offer. Perhaps she is the lifelong friend you always wanted, and your biggest blog inspiration.

Have you met anyone with Engineer Girl Syndrome?

Who is your biggest blog inspiration?

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