Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Toned Eye Makeup How To With Clinique Eye Shadows

I received a gorgeous Clinique Makeup Palette (see picture below) as a part of a Clinique Gift Set

Isn't this palette exquisite?

With the makeup palette came a pair of Clinique eye shadow colors -- a deep purple and a light mauve. The two shades are from Clinique's "Come Heather Trio."

Dark purple and soft mauve made such a pretty combo.

A quick swatch of the two colors.

Many eye makeup are created by using at least three colors. But today, I am attempting an eye makeup how to with just these two Clinique eye shadow shades. The look I am creating is soft day time. 

Hope you like it.

 Two Toned Eye Makeup How To

(with Clinique Eye Shadows)

Step 1

Line eyes with an eye liner. 

Using: Almay I-intense eye liner in black.

 Step 2

Apply dark purple shade onto your lids. Stop at the crease.

Step 3

Using a blending brush, apply soft mauve color all over lid. Blend well with the dark purple.

Makeup tip: to look natural, blending is key.

Step 4

Add mascara, blush and lip gloss.

You are done.

See? Wasn't that simple?

Together, purple and mauve look soft and easy for day time.

Keeping the rest of the face neutral is a great way to play up your eyes.


Who knew that purple and mauve make such a wonderful eye makeup combo?

What colors do you use for day time?

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