Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Special Thanks to Fellow Beauty and Fashion Bloggers and $50 Starbucks Gift Card Winner

To Fellow Beauty and Fashion Bloggers,

We have been made fun of numerous times for building beauty and fashion blogs -- I know I have. We have endured nasty comment(s) and harassing messages. But we keep going because our passion for writing, blogging, and making positive connections cannot be defeated.

While haters are busy hating, we are developing communication, technical, design, organizational and entrepreneurial skills. 

Thank you! To all of you. Thank you for your wonderful blogs, your kind comments and support, and your courage to put yourselves out there.


Girlie Blogger in Seattle :O)


Giveaway Winner

Remember this shiny, little gift card from Starbucks? It's the prize of my 1000 GFC followers giveaway. 

Now, I have 1015 followers, and growing :O)

The gift card now belongs to Aya of Diary of a Fashionista. Congrats on your win!


Thanks for Participating!

Thank you to all who participated! 

This was my personal giveaway, with my own money, and not some company sponsorship. I did it to appreciate all my readers, followers and supporters over the past four years on Beauty Fashion Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle.

Not only has blogging been a wonderful hobby and learning experience, it has given me an opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are strong, positive and intelligent.

Let's continue to grow our amazing community!

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