Thursday, March 31, 2022

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer Review

As a busy working mom, I am constantly running around during the weekdays and the weekends. It feels like I barely have any time too myself. However, one thing that I have to prioritize is self-care, and especially skincare. That is why today's review is all about a new moisturizer that I have been using. It is the CLINIQUE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURIZER.

Hello. Welcome back to the Girlie Blog!

In today's review, you will find the follow talking points:
1. Why I purchased the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer?
2. My likes and dislikes
3. Why or why not I would recommend it to you?

Let's get started!

I purchased this moisturizing lotion because I've heard great things about clinique products. My own experiences with the brand have been positive as well. Second, this lotion is made for dry to very dry skin. Though my skin is on the oily side, during the past winter, it experienced dryness. After seeing small lines here and there, I began to look for a moisturizer that is supercharged with hydration. For those reasons, I purchased this moisturizer.

Likes and Dislikes

The formula really is hydrating; and that's exactly what I was looking for. It's liquidy and if you smooth, and absorbed well. After application, my skin felt smooth and soft. The moisturizer has a faint smell. It's sweet and pleasant and I like it. The quick absorbtion and smooth application works well under makeup.

One dislike is that the lotion is in a plastic bottle. Glass would be better. Another dislike is that it is a pump; and it can become wasteful towards the end. Last dislike is that even though this is a daily moisturizer, it does not have UV protection. It's not a deal-breaker, because I can always apply a foundation with SPF or a separate SPF.


Overall, this is a fantastic moisturizer for daily use. It absorbs well, smells nice and does not cause any irritations.

Thank you again. See you at the next review.

Marc Jacobs Large Quilted Nylon Travel Bag UNBOXING

Welcome back the Girlie Blog!

Spring break is around the corner, and our family is excited to finally able to travel. To celebrate, I purchased a travel bag that I have been eyeballing, and it is the MARC JACOBS QUILTED NYLON BAG.  It just arrived; and I cannot wait to start the unboxing! 

Before we start, I will explain the reasons why I wanted this bag. Then I will unbox and show you what the bag looks like right out of the package. Finally, I will share my first impressions.

Why I purchased the bag?

What I looked for was a well-sized travel bag as carry-on for the airplane; simply because non-carry-ons cost so much! I also wanted a bag that is sleek and not bulky, but also made of stretchy material so I could "create" room if I have to. Lastly, I wanted a stylish and multi-functional bag.

Because of Marc Jacob's modern style and known quality, it was a top choice for me. I was also attracted by its nylon material (sounded sturdy) and the quilted pattern that reminded me of the traditional Chanel design. The measurements were right-on as well, in that it is indeed quite a large bag.

Now let's unbox!

The box that stored the bag is well-packaged ... wow there is a lot of room inside! What I notice first is all the space inside. It's also expansive. 
The bag measures 13.62 x 12.68 x 4.02 inches.
It weighs 1.94 pounds and is easy to handle.
The handles easily slide onto my shoulders.

On the exterior, there is a roomy side pocket for larger items such as a layering jacket or cardigan. That would be great for layering during the plane ride. There are two small pockets on each side of the bag. I can use them for storing snacks and water bottles. I can also roll up magazines to read to put inside. On the other side of the exterior, there is a zipper pocket with less room and a beautiful Marc Jacobs logo. It is great for storing items like my wallet, passport and other essentials that I'd like to protect.

Now, on to the inside of the bag. It is spacious! Inside, there is another beautiful Marc Jacobs logo sewn onto a smaller zip top pocket. Inside the pocket, I found a certificate of authenticity, which is important for designer bags.

There is also a strap inside. The strap is adjustable and has stylish striped design. The straps are detachable and can turn the bag into a crossbody so my hands can be completely free.

Overall Impressions

The bag is great.  It came exactly as described on the website. I especially like that it is roomy, stretchable but also stylish. The overall look and feel fit my personal style; and the quilted exterior adds maturity and a feel fo luxury. I also like that it is a functional bag; and with the convertible straps, it certainly brings a convenient factor. Finally, I find the bag comfortable to wear. 

I can see myself using the bag for more than just our spring break trip. It can become a weekend bag, a gym bag, and a "mom bag" for when I am out with the kids. 

So far, I am happy with the purchase and cannot wait to use it.

Thanks for your time!

If you have this bag, feel free to drop a line and let me know what you think.

See you next time.