Monday, December 21, 2009


Lip gloss, face cream, push up bras... ... I love all things girlie.  But lately my affection has been stolen by sweater dresses.  Ever since the temperature fell, my fashion craving gravitated towards thick material, warm neckline, and fun shapes that won't give away style.

Here are a couple of my personal faves to share...

This one is a present from hubby.  It's a knitted mix of lovely grays.

How about a splash of color for the dark winter days?  And cap sleeves to make it even cuter?


Staying warm and keeping stylish can be so easy when we have cute things to wear.  That's why I love sweater dresses!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One way to battle the bitter cold is to find different options to layer up.  But it may be difficult to look cute and bulky.  A great idea for the legs are leg warmers, like the ones I found from American Apparels.

They are cute, functional, and look kind of 80's cool.  Plus, they are wonderful for those dreadful, below freezing weather.

Sure it sucks in the winter, but your fashion doesn't have to suffer.  Leg warmers?  Warm, fuzzy, and fashionable!

I liked them so much, I picked up 2...

A pair in black

Another in gray

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Despite Holiday parties, game nights and shopping trips, I still consider myself in full hibernation.  Christmas socks, fire place and a comfy blankie are the perfect components for any weekend, especially laying in hubby's arms and our puppy on my legs.

To further hibernate, I like watching girlie movies that make me feel warm and fuzzy.  Here are a few of my favorite girlie selections:

1) The Classic: Roman Holiday

This fun-filled old timer is also late Audrey Hepburn's first and best.  In my opinion, Roman Holiday is the most Romantic for the Holidays.

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 2) The Fashionista's Fave: The Devil Wears Prada

 ** SIGH ** Oh!  All the Chanel, Burberry and the names we drool over!  Plus Meryl, Anne and the stars we adore!  This movie is a girl's heaven - whatever she wears!


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3) The Career Girl's Dream: Working Girl

The shoulder pads, bad perms, and fusia cheeks may be outdated, the rest of this movie simply kicks ass!  For any girlie girl who dreams of sitting in that corner office and is working her butt off to get there, this is the movie to watch and feel triumphant about.

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4) The Romantic: Sex And The City, The Movie

This should be a no brainer.  For all those hopeless Romantics out there who believed in Carrie and Big and in love, this is the movie for you.


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 5) The Movie You Watch With Your Best Girl Friends: The Women

Divorce, job loss, and all the difficulties we may face, life can steer us in a downward direction.  But with our best girl friends by our side, we can always find a way up again.


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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Our legs have some of the biggest muscle groups, including our hammies...Our what ?!?!?  Hamstrings, silly!  You know, those 2 muscles on the back of your upper legs.  

You don't see them, but trust!  Someone will see them if you wear very short minis.

Here is an easy exercise you can perform at home:

Step 1

Put your feet shoulder width apart

Step 2

Grasp the weights with a firm grip.  Your arms are relaxed. 
Your back is arched and your torso bent over.
(Psss...Keep legs straight but do not lock knees.)

Step 3

Straighten torso, slowly, to vertical.
Exhale at the end and tilt you hips.
Your back and shoulders should be firm and fixed.

Step 4

Bend torso again to starting position.

Do 3 - 4 sets of 10 - 12 reps each.

Again, to prevent injury, do not go too heavy.

Looking good in a mini skirt starts with great legs; and great legs start with working out.  Get a start with this easy-to-do "Stiff-Legged Dead Lift".

Thursday, December 10, 2009


You cannot expect a girlie girl like me to walk by Sephora and not step in.  This past Saturday was no different.  Not only did I go into the store, I walked out with quite a few girlie pretties.  Among them, a double-ended perfume and gloss stick by Michael Kors. (Introduced from a cool gal from texas at

I was introduced to Michael by Michael Kors a couple of months ago in the same Sephora location, and I fell for it at first sight (or smell).  The perfume was fresh, sweet, and just a touch sexy.  

And how clever that they paired the roll on perfume with shiny gloss?  Now I get both goodies in one portable stick.


How fun!  One end twists into perfume, the other into lip gloss.

This is how the gloss looks on.

Despite feeling incredible guilt that hubby had to wait for me to fully indulge myself in heaven...I mean, Sephora, I am so glad I was there to pick up this cute little treasure.

Double the pleasure, double the fun.  That's what you get with Michael Kors Double Ended Stick.

According to actress Halle Berry (on the Tyra Banks show), the proper place to tab on perfume is NOT the face of your wrist, but the back.
 No idea why, but that's what she said.

Monday, December 7, 2009


As girlie girls we have so many important decisions to make each day:  

What to wear?  
Lip gloss or lip stick?  
How much longer to wait for the cute guy to call?

I know!  We have so much to worry about!  But one thing we don't have to worry about is the losing bone densityVitaFusion makes these yummy calcium chews in fruity flavors of orange, strawberries and cherries.  Each little candy-like supplement has 500 mg of calcium.  Just 2 of these contain enough of recommended daily intake.

Women lose bone density so easily!  And as we get older, we get weaker.  Lifting weights is a good way to strengthen the bones, but it's not enough.  Taking calcium supplements completes the battle.  And with these mtasty calciu candies, stronger bones is just 2 little chewables away.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I could say that I like to eat lamb for its abundant protein.  But really, I like lamb because it tastes good.  Here is my favorite way to cook this delicious, protein-rich meat:


 ** 1 serving of lamb chops (better if they are pre-packaged)**
** Soy Sauce **
** Lawry Salt **
** Pepper **
** Corn Starch **
** Red or cooking wine **
** IMPORTANT: 1 bottle (4.3 oz) of Chinese Sha Cha (Satay) Sauce **


Step 1: Put the lamb chops into a mixing bowl and add the following ingredients:
1 table spoon of soy sauce
2 table spoons of wine
1 table spoon of corn starch
2 tea spoon of lawry salt
1 pinch of pepper

Step 2: Mix up the sha cha sauce and mix entire bottle in with the lamb chops

Step 3: Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate over night (or for at least 8 hours)

Step 4: Put your oven on "Broiler" at "High".  Broil for 20 - 30 minutes, or until meat in the middle is no longer pink.

** NOTE: Don't forget to turn over the meat after 10 minutes.

Step 5: Serve with a side of veggies and enjoy!


Wow!  Thoroughly devoured!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


As a bit of a makeup rebel, I never followed the rule to only line your eyes on the top.  How else can us Asian girls emphasize our almond shapes?  To properly define our Asian eyes, I rely on my favorite beauty item, eye liners.

There are 3 that I am especially fond of:

First is the liquid liner.

It draws on with precision and creates quite a sexy cat eye.

Then there is the crayon pencil liner, so smooth and silky when it glides on.

I use it almost everyday.

Last but not least, an onyx-colored shadow itself.

Using a shadow brush this is the perfect tool for night time smokey.

Every girlie girl has her favorite makeup piece, and I have a lot (l.o.l).  But eye liners are both a favorite and a must.  Day or night, they perform quite the magic to emphasize us Asian girls' most unique features.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tonight I'm kicking up my feet after a long day at work.  And I thought to myself: how about a quick and easy treat that's sweet, creamy and cake-y?  So I rushed to the store a short drive away and here is what's been whipped up...and eaten fast:

A "berry" easy, "berry" quick girlie desert: BERRY CREAM POUND CAKE

And here is how to make your own:

1) Get a loaf of ready-made pound cake.  I used Sara Lee.

2) Slice pound cake into thin pieces.
To make 2 servings, I sliced up 4 pieces.

3) Pour 1 cup of heavy cream and 1/2 table spoon of sugar into a mixing bowl.
Start whipping.  If you use an electric beater, it will take about 3 - 5 minutes.


Don't forget to start slow.


Starting to see some bubbles.


Getting thicker!  Turn up the speed to med or high now!


Yummy!  Rich, thick, whipped goodness!

** NOTE: You can also purchase whipped cream.  But heavy cream is soooooooooo much better!

4) Get fresh berries.  I used black berries here.


5) Pile 2 (or more) pieces of pound cake with whipped cream in between and on top.
Pile on the berries.


DONE!!!! Easy-to-make, no bake, Friday night delight!!!!