Thursday, December 3, 2009


As a bit of a makeup rebel, I never followed the rule to only line your eyes on the top.  How else can us Asian girls emphasize our almond shapes?  To properly define our Asian eyes, I rely on my favorite beauty item, eye liners.

There are 3 that I am especially fond of:

First is the liquid liner.

It draws on with precision and creates quite a sexy cat eye.

Then there is the crayon pencil liner, so smooth and silky when it glides on.

I use it almost everyday.

Last but not least, an onyx-colored shadow itself.

Using a shadow brush this is the perfect tool for night time smokey.

Every girlie girl has her favorite makeup piece, and I have a lot (l.o.l).  But eye liners are both a favorite and a must.  Day or night, they perform quite the magic to emphasize us Asian girls' most unique features.


  1. Oo cute! What kind of liquid liner do you usually use?

  2. you have amazing lips and eyes...

  3. I love eye-liner. I use all three kinds. However I use pencil liner daily and liquid liner from time to time. I use to wear liquid liner everyday but now I'm too lazy to apply it all the time. Great post!

  4. Oh, I love eyeliners! I tend to go for eyepencils as they are easier to control! :)


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