Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 Minute Face - a 5 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

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Now, onto "5 Minute Face."

No time for makeup application in the morning? 

You are not alone. Whether you are a working girl, stay at home mom, or student, your time in the A.M is limited. Don't you wish someone gave you makeup lessons on how to apply makeup in a hurry?

In between breakfast and getting dressed, if you can squeeze out five minutes, then you have plenty of time for makeup application.

The 5 minute face - a 5 minute morning makeup routine

I call it the "5 minute face," a quick 5 minute morning makeup routine that looks pretty and natural, and also gets you out the door on time.

Face - Two Minutes

Step 1 - Moisturize

Always start a morning routine with moisturizer.

Makeup Tip: Don't forget to moisturize the neck too.

Step 2 - Handle Spots with Concealer

(Ecotool Makeup Brush Sets are my favorites. And clinique concealer does a great job.)

Concealer help hide trouble spots.

Makeup Tip: 

1) Dab concealer on your trouble spots, like blemishes and under eye circles. But not all over your face.

2) Press makeup brush into your skin to fill open pores. Then even out with finger tips.
(See pictures below.)

Pressing down fills pores.

Finger tips evens out formula and smooths the skin.

Step 3 - Smooth Skin with Pore Minimizer. Use finger tips to even it out.

(Clinique Pore Minimizer is one of the best pore minimizer I have used. )

Makeup Tip: Use your finger tips and apply in circular motion.

Eyes - Two Minutes

Step 4 - Fill in Brows

(Again using Ecotool Makeup Brush.)

Step 5 - Apply Eye Liner to Top and Bottom Lash Lines

Makeup Tip: Make upper liner thick. Fill in only 2/3 of waterline for day look.

Step 6 - Using an Eye Makeup Brush, Apply a Neutral Shade Eye Shadow all over lids

Using Hard Candy Eye Makeup in "High Maintenance," but only the lighter color.

This eye makeup brush is a blending brush by Bobbi Brown. It works really well for all over shadows.

Step 7 - Curl Lashes and Add Mascara

(Shu Umera Lash Curlers give lashes long-lasting curls.)

Makeup Tip: Just a couple coats of mascara is enough for day.

Cheeks and Lips - One Minute

Step 8 - Sweep on Highlighter

Step 9 - Moisturize Lips

You can apply gloss or lipstick too, but I prefer soft, bare lips for day time.


Easy, all natural looking makeup for professional and busy women in five minutes. 


 What do you think of the "5 Minute Face" morning makeup routine?

How long do you need for makeup in the mornings?

Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Color Block? Color Block Dress Up and Fashion Tips

Have you attempted this spring's colorblock trend? 

It feels intimidating wearing all those colors, but in reality, colorblock looks flattering, and creates one of the prettiest outfits for spring. However, if you colorblock incorrectly, you could look mismatched, or even twice your size.

To make your colorblock experience successful, here are some fashion tips on how to wear one of the hottest spring fashions for women.

How to Color Block:

1. Pick only 2 to 3 colors.

In my colorblock attempt (see pictures), I picked two bright faves.
2. Make sure the chosen colors are 2 - 3 shades within each other on the color spectrum.

Pink and red -- close but not the same.

3. Tone down the rest of the outfit.

A neutral under shirt and neutral shoes won't complete with main colors.

4. Wear separates.

No need to pile on the colors in one outfit. You can build colors piece by piece.

5. Don't wear a lot of accessories.

Let the bright colors be the star(s) of your outfit, not the bling.

Do you have any colorblock tips to share?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Casual Weekend Outfit Idea - Plaid Shirts for Women

Like a notorious comeback artist, plaid has returned as one of the hottest fashion trends for women -- or has it ever left the radar?

All around Seattle, as well as blogosphere, I see plaid skirts, flannel shirts, and even accessories in this wildly popular pattern.

Why is Plaid Popular? 

Plaid resembles the epitome of womens casual clothing. Think weekend wear. Think street chic. Think the most cozy, relaxed casual shirts you've ever worn. I'm sure you are thinking of plaid.

Womens Casual Wear in a turquoise shaded plaid.

How to Wear Plaid Shirts for Women?

Thinking of grungy flannel shirts of the 90's? I think not. Instead, try a fitted button down shirt over skinnies (in my opinion, the best jeans for women), and a pair of casual boots.

The next time you are thinking "what to wear this weekend?" Try casual shirts in plaid. You'll look cool, casual and effortlessly stylish.

Aren't skinnies the best jeans for women?

They sleek up any outfit.

Are you deciding what to wear this weekend?

How do you feel about casual shirts in plaid?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Moons over my Hammy - Easy and Healthy Recipe for Play Dates

Not only do play dates help toddlers learn to interact and share, they give stay at home moms, even those with actual work at home jobs, a chance to engage in adult conversation, and feel less isolated.

Serving food on play dates takes some thought. Meals or snacks must be quick, because toddler-chasing gets busy. Also, it is important to make healthy meals for kids.

Yesterday, two mamas brought their toddlers over for a play date, allowing me to show off an easy to make recipe for lunch. Moons over my hammy sandwiches, a protein-rich fusion of eggs, cheese and ham, made healthy meals for kids and adults.

Yummy and easy - recipe both kids and adults will enjoy.

Because both mamas liked their sandwiches so much, I decided to share this easy lunch sandwich recipe with everyone.

Moons over my Hammy

Healthy Meals for Kids and Adults 


  • 1 stick of mozerella string cheese
  • 1 slice of American cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 - 4 slices of ham
  • 2 slices of wheat toast
  • 2 tbl spoons of butter
  • Salt

Step 1

Cut string cheese into bite-sized bits.

Step 2

Crack eggs into a bowl. Add string cheese. Add a pinch of salt

Step 3

Butter a flat pan. Toast bread.

Step 4

Take toasted bread out.

Melt more butter in the pan. Pour eggs in.

Step 5

When one side is fully cooked. Flip eggs over, top with American cheese.

Step 6

When the other side of the eggs is fully cooked, and the cheese on top is melted, take eggs out and lay it on the bread.

Grill ham in the pan for 10 - 20 seconds.

Step 7

Top eggs with ham.


Looks juicy. Tastes even better.

So, are you ready to make your own moons over my hammy?

Do you have any easy and healthy lunch recipes to share?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

7 Types of People to Unfriend on Facebook

Afraid to unfriend someone on facebook

You shouldn't be. You are not the only person who finds certain people's facebook behavior annoying. Or perhaps you simply need a total wellness check by getting rid of toxic friends -- on facebook and off.

I had the pleasure of guest posting on Melissa Blake's award-winning blog, So About What I said, on the topic of types of people to unfriend on facebook -- and yes. I have unfriended people on facebook before.

7 Types of People to Unfriend on Facebook 

(My guest post on So About What I Said)

Hi all, I am the owner of Girlie Blog Seattle, and I write about beauty, fashion, and enjoying life in Seattle. I am so honored that Melissa asked me to guest post. I love reading her blog because it brightens my day. Today, I am writing about types of people to unfriend on Facebook. I know this is a somewhat controversial topic, and you might have opinions to express, but please keep comments cordial.

The Narcissist
Have you ever seen someone so perfect? She has the perfect man who never argues with her, perfect friends who’ll do anything for her, a perfect job that she loves, perfectly good looks that every girl is jealous of and the perfect life she feels everyone should want. Her pictures have perfectly practiced poses, with perfectly styled outfits. Every wall post is either an achievement – implicitly stated or subtly implied – or some kind of sentimental reminder about her beautiful life.

The Ghost
You were friends, or even best buds, back in high school. You have lost touch until Facebook connected you. Now that you’ve “friended” each other and caught up, you have seized communication again for the past two years. Don’t worry. You won’t miss each other. If you have lived a good life since high school, without your “ghost” friend, you’ll live a good life still.

The Gossip Columnist
You ask her, “What’s going on?” She tells you what’s going on with everyone else. None of the information seems significant or has trustworthy resources. In fact, your conversations with her always revolves around someone else’s business, and she seems way too interested in talking about them, for no reason at all.

The User
The user has no shame. He invites you to a party across town, but expects a ride, because he has no car. If you don’t offer him a ride, he’ll tell all your common friends about how sorry he is to miss out, right in front of you, until you offer him a ride. He has guilt-ed you into giving him a ride numerous times, but never offers gas, or coffee or some type of nice gesture so you wouldn’t feel used.

The One-Upper
You tell her that you have been busy. She tells you that she’s much busier, even though she calls you up Friday nights and talks your ears off until you fall asleep on the phone. Then she’ll call you up next Friday night, strategically on her way to dinner and reminds you again that she’s busy.

The Promise Breaker
He has been asking you to meet up for months, but bails out every time you plan something. He tells you that he’ll take you out for your birthday. But when the check comes -- and you offer to pay for yourself to be nice -- he’ll gladly let you. He tells you that he’ll do nice things for you, but then drops off the face of the earth.

Your boss
If you don’t want someone to see old college photos of you flipping off the camera, chugging beer or doing anything “fun,” unfriend. Better yet, don’t add them in the first place.

Do you have anything to add?

Have you unfriended someone on facebook?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eye Shadow Color for Dark Brown Eyes - Soft Pink

In a previous post about the best eye shadow color for dark brown eyes, I used olive. (You can view the post here.) 

Olive received great feedback. Today, I am introducing another one of the best eye shadow color for brown eyes -- soft pink.

To demonstrate, I am using "Pink Chiffon" by Cover Girl. "Pink Chiffon" is a shimmery eye shadow that looks natural and pretty. Its tender color flatters most skin tones, and its shimmery effect brightens the darkest, dullest eyes.

(By the way, for cheap eye shadows, Cover Girl Eye Enhancers offer wonderful quality and a wide range of colors. Powders never fall loose, and colors last for hours.)

Cover Girl Eye Enhancer -- One of the Best Cheap Eye Shadows Out There


 Step 1

Line upper and bottom lash lines with a dark brown or black eye liner.

Using: NYX, another one of my favorite cheap make up brands.

Makeup Tip: to add drama, thicken the line on top.

Step 2 (Optional)

Using an eyeliner brush, or a sponge tip, smudge the stop line.

Step 3

Using a blending brush, apply the shimmery eye shadow all over lids.

Makeup Tip: Use circular motion to apply color evenly.

Step 4

Curl lashes. Add mascara.


Soft, pink, shimmery eye shadow -- one of the best eye shadows for dark brown eyes.

Do you think soft pink is a good eye shadow color for brown eyes?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finding Your Signature Scent - Dos and Don'ts

Still looking for that one-of-a-kind perfume?

It takes a while to find a signature scent that matches your unique personality. There is no one else like you, so you need a signature perfume that smells like no one else but you.

You have a lot of choices for a signature scent. Nowadays, even reality stars have their own perfume. (And I feel disturbingly curious about what Snooki smells like.) The perfume market is (literally) diluted, so it's hard to find something unique.

Need a personal fragrance finder? Read on for Dos and Don'ts of finding your signature scent.

Do: Revert to Classics

Like classic movies, classic perfume have won the test of time. Women adore them for two reasons -- they smell beautiful, and make women feel beautiful as well.

Estee Lauder Pleasures - a classic love of mine.

Don't: Try on Old Perfume

When you test perfume at stores, ask the sales person for the expiration date on the bottle. Expired products smell different.

Do: Get Perfume Samples, Perfume Minis, or Perfume Sets

Although you don't get your money's worth with perfume samples, minis and sets, at least you are not stuck with large quantities of something that stinks.

One of the few samples from a Chanel haul.

Don't: Buy Perfume in a Huge Bottle

Even if you like a perfume, getting an economy-sized bottle is not worth the money. Perfume isn't mouthwash. You don't need a cap full each time. A 1.7 Fl. Oz bottle should last at least one year. Even if you wear it everyday.

Do: Test Products. One at a Time. And Wait.

When you zone in on a potential buy, spray on a test run. Then walk around for a while, or even wait for a day. 

Why? Formulas smell different on each person's skin. Test to see how it smells on yours. 

Waiting lets you find out how long the perfume lasts.

One of my biggest regrets :O( I did not test well, and got stuck with this huge box.

Don't: Test Multiple Products at the Same Time

All those smells mixed together just sounds stinky.

Do: Use a Fragrance Finder Tool

Fragrance finders or quizzes online narrow down your choices by analyzing your personality.

Here is one I recommend: Total Beauty Fragrance Quiz

Don't: Ask Your Dad

Or your kid brother.

Signature Scents -- What is yours and do you have any tips to share?