Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pillar Blog Posts and Filler Blog Posts

Like a real job, as a fashion and beauty blogger, you have good days, bad days, and days that are so swamped you don't have time to breath. But to give your blog fresh content, you have to fill up the bad days with short, thoughtless -- or even wordless -- content, no matter how much you want to write top notch posts.

What are pillar posts, and what are filler posts?


Pillar posts are the top notch posts you intend to write. They are well-researched, carefully crafted, and passionately insightful. They are the stars of the show, the type of posts you spend time -- and sometimes money -- to promote.

Filler posts are shorter posts used to maintain publishing momentum. They are not as well written, and don't offer much value, but are quick and fun to read.

Why is it important to have both pillars and fillers?

Pillar posts often address a need or answer a question, has evergreen content, are optimized for search engines, and are relevant to your blog's initial intent

Although filler posts seem sloppy, they keep a healthy rhythm, add variety, offer entertainment, and remind readers to come to your blog.  

Examples of pillar posts

A beauty blogger's pillar post can be a product review, advice on makeup, or a celebrity look-alike tutorial. They require research, testing, investment (product purchase), trial-and-error, and detailed writing.

Similarly, a fashion blogger's pillar post can be "how to color block," "what to wear with a leopard cardigan," or "10 ways to glamorize boyfriend jeans" -- all with an embarrassing photo shoot at a crowded park.

Examples of filler posts

There are many types of filler posts. Here's what I've accumulated:

  • Wordless Wednesdays (a very popular idea among beauty bloggers)
  • Link Ups
  • Suggested Reads
  • Interviews (often with other bloggers)
  • Lists (top 5, 10 or however many, product empties, monthly favorites, etc.)
  • Quote | picture | funny moment | food | {insert your own} of the day
  • A quick update, with a photo, on life

How often should you write pillar and filler posts?

Entirely up to you. I recommend at least one pillar post a week, and two or three filler posts in between.


 Fashion and beauty bloggers need both pillar and filler posts to be successful.


Girlies, let's help each other.


If you have ideas for both pillar and filler posts, please share them by commenting!


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