Sunday, December 16, 2012

Save Money on Clothes UNCONVENTIONALLY - A Fashion Blog Post

Feeling the holiday blues? A lot of your stress come from money matters. You are buying presents, attending parties, and swiping your credit card way more than you should. How can you afford the pair of shoes you have been lusting after?

No worries, girlie. I have some unconventional money saving tips for clothes shopping. (They are not your typical money saving formula, like shop clearance (yawn). You already know those anyway.) These tips are totally out-of-the-box, and even fun to do. Now, you can drive away money stress, as well as the holiday blues.

Also, in between the tips, I snuck in outfit pictures for this fashion blog post. My entire ensemble was either thrifted or from the discount store.

Jacket cost $2 from a Garage Sale.

Unconventional Ways to Save Money on Clothes

1. Tailor your clothes, even if you bought them on sale.

Ill-fitting clothes often lead to abandonment. If you bought something because of the price reduction but not the fit, tailor it, even if the tailor cost more than what you bought it for. When something looks bad, you will likely leave it in the back of the closet. What's the point in buying it in the first place?

2. Don't Shop Clearance at Stores

But do shop clearance at ONLINE stores. 

Online retailors have more selection, and usually offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

The clearance racks at physical stores are full of unwanted and returned items that are in the wrong sizes.

Got this baby doll dress during my first pregnancy. It was a staple during my second pregnancy too. And now? It still works. From Ross and only $12.

3. Create an Outfit Before Going Shopping

Put a look together at home. Use magazines, websites, or whatever means for inspiration. Then, either go to store websites or window shop for each item in the outfit. Then, go one step further, and look up discount codes for these stores.

4. Pay with Cash

Simple psychology: when you see money leaving your hands, you won't overspend.

5. Earn the Money First, On the Side.

Don't use your savings. Don't spend your paycheck. Instead, create the money for clothes shopping. Look for side gigs like pet sitting or lawn mowing. You can also go to websites like Task Rabbit or Fiverr. 

You are a smart girl. I'm sure you'll find a way.

The flats are also from Ross, for only $14. They are super comfortable, and were the only ones that fit during both pregnancies.

6. Use 5:1 Ratio 

Speaking of earning money, why not sell your clothes? I know selling clothes is conventional, but here's the kicker: do it systematically. Here's a system I like: for every five pieces of existing clothes you sell, purchase a new one. 

7. Guzzle Water

This trick is often used for dieting, but it prevents overspending on clothes too. Before hitting the stores, guzzle as much water (or liquid) as you can. When you are always looking for the restroom, you are less likely to spend overtime in the dressing room.

Love wearing tights during winter. They make a warm way to dress up.

8. Shop Kids' Section

I got this idea from a mama friend, who bough a pair of Hunter Boots for half the price. Her trick? Shopping the little boys' section. 

Kids' clothes cost less. If you can fit in them, then you should wear them.

Here's a better look at the dress. Super cool prints, right?


Hey, don't let money matters get you down.


Be creative. And kick your spending problems in the behind.


Any other unconventional tips on saving money on clothes?




  1. Yeeees! I always try to pay with cash it's make me stop spend a lot of money...
    Amazing outfit! Looks so nice ♥

  2. Girlie! hi! GREAT POST. and... great ootd, too. i love when i am wearing 100% thrifted and many say to me: YOU LOOK GREAT! so coooool. T Y!


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