Sunday, December 2, 2012

Husband's Birthday - A Fashion Blog Post

Recently, we celebrated my husband's birthday. He was treated to (industrial-grade) baking equipment (he bakes as a hobby), a movie (Skyfall), and Thai food. I believe he enjoyed them all.

In turn -- and to my surprise -- he treated me to a mani and pedi, and two hours away from the kids. What a nice guy!

I wore this outfit to the Thai restaurant we tried. Thought I'd wear something bright like orange to offset a rainy, cloudy day.

By the way, here's what I thought of Skyfall:

Plot: interesting.
Daniel Craig: older but hotter. 
(Did you know he married Rachel Weisz last year?)      
New Bond Girl: hot but not so interesting.
Miss MoneyPenny: sassy, classy.
Must See? No. But I liked it, and would recommend it.

Have you seen Skyfall?


How was it?


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