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8 Elements of a Great Jacket (That You Should Invest In) - A Fashion Blog Post

Outerwear, outerwear -- they are everywhere, but not all of them are created equal. If you want a jacket that lasts through seasons to come, better avoid anything that easily fades, tears or shrinks. Instead, choose an investment piece with eternal quality and style.

Of course, all investments require research. In today's fashion blog post, I'm sharing elements that I look for in a great jacket (that's also an investment piece) -- and perhaps you will too?

** All images provided by Matches Fashion, a fashion retailer that specializes in luxury brands. It has over 14 stores in London, and is now online to offer the chicest high fashion to the world.

8 Elements of a Great Jacket (That You Should Invest In)

1. It is crisp

Usually, I wear jackets -- blazer jackets to be specific -- to tidy up an outfit. Therefore, I prefer a crispy look that includes clean lines and sharp colors.

This white one below (by Sportmax) is on the cutting edge of crisp. It's elegant; it's refreshing; Also, frankly, it breaks the stupid rule that you shouldn't wear white after labor day.

Sportmax Fagiani Jacket

2. It has intricate details

If you spend half a paycheck on a jacket, it better look unique. Otherwise, why not hit the local Target?

Uniqueness in clothing comes from small, intricate details. The blazer below has a double lapel that sets it apart from any ordinary black jacket. 

Stella McCartney Double Lapel-Detail Blazer

3. It has bold prints

For those of you who wants to get noticed, what better way than daring prints?

The leopard jacket below offers the boldness you want, but with elegant lines, to make you fierce yet chic.

A.L.C Savile Leopard-Print Pony Hair Jacket

4. It is asymmetric

Asymmetrical jackets are cool and casual -- in Seattle, we are all about that.  

I love the biker jacket below. It's a little rock, a little roll, a little sexy, and all worth the price.

Rag & Bone Bowery Leather Jacket

5. It offers slimming effect

At 10 pounds overweight, I'm all about dressing slim. A dark jacket that is long and lean slenderizes the waist and covers up a large tush.

MCQ Alexander McQueen Wool and Mohair Riding Jacket

6. It provides comfort

It's winter, a time to sip cocoa by the fire place and dress in comfort. A jacket should not only look good, but feel good too. The silk tie-front jacket below looks soft, comfortable, and easy to wear.

Raquel Allegra Silk Stripe Jacket

7. It is versatile

A pricey jacket also better cater to various occasions. When in doubt, even for formal affair, I always resort to a pea coat. They look good with anything, especially the one below that is double-breasted and clean-cut.

Yves Saint Laurent Laser Leopard Pea Coat

8. It looks catchy

Isn't the Stella McCartney jacket below a wow-ser? With beautiful all-over floral, it sure catches the eye.

Stella McCartney Frazier Flower Print Blazer



Outerwear is both a necessity and a fashion statement.


It's okay to spend more on jackets and blazers.


Just make sure you pick the right one.


Any other suggestions?

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