Saturday, December 15, 2012

5 Unusual Gift Ideas for Moms

Moms are awesome. They are everything to their kids: personal chefs, caretakers, and one-woman cheerleading squad. Don't all moms deserve a special present this holiday? 

For an awesome mom, who gives and gives and gives, and never asks for anything back, here are five gift ideas -- unusual in nature and totally unique -- to make her feel one-of-a-kind:

1. Hire a Tutor - For the Ultra Involved Mom

A child's education is perhaps one of the most important things to a mother. For moms who value education, and who are completely involved in their children's learning, hire tutors for her child. 

You can go to tutor websites like TutorSpree to find local tutors in various subjects.

Giving her child maximum opportunity to learn and grow is the ultimate gift to any mom.


2. Shoot for the Moon - For the Science Mom

For moms who would rather watch the Mars Rover landing than the Real Housewives, give her a piece of the moon, literally.

For $29.99, you can purchase one acre on the moon at at

Hey, you never know. That acre could be a million-dollar property one day.



3. Sanitize Her Toothbrush - For the Germ-phobic Mom

If your moms is always dusting, sweeping and mopping, how about a toothbrush sanitizer, to further her cleaning spree? Now, even her toothbrush won't get dirty.


4. Let Her Live Out Her Dream - For the Adventurous Mom

Has your mom always wanted to go deep sea diving, bungee jump, or dominate a dog fight? Give her the gift of adventure, and let her live the dream she never had the time for.

For the ultimate air combat experience, try classes at Cloud 9 Living.


5. Liven her Wild Child - For the Party Mom

P**n for Women of a Certain Age is a book written by the Cambridge Women's P*rnagraphy Cooperative that taps into older women's deepest desires. Who doesn't want that?

Just make sure your mom has a good sense of humor.


Moms are special.


Make them feel more special this holiday.


Any unusual gift ideas you want to add?


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