Friday, December 28, 2012

What to Wear for Family Pictures - A Fashion Blog Post

Kids grow up entirely too fast. That's why I place great importance on taking family pictures -- to capture moments that will soon pass

Earlier this week, I booked a family photo session, and gave myself the job of picking out everyone's outfit.

As the owner of a fashion blog, I'm used to choosing outfits. But choosing outfits for -- and matching -- the whole family was a challenge. Luckily, I had the internet to research ideas that helped me figure out what to wear for family pictures.

If you ever get stuck with the job of styling your household for family portraits, consider the steps below. They are easy to follow, and fun to do.

Step 1: Pick a Color Palette

When in doubt, color block. 

If you have to start somewhere, start with the very basic, which is picking out matching colors.

I used websites such as Design Seeds and Color Combos as reference. This is what I came up with for our family of four:


Step 2: Select a Focal Piece

While burgundy and gold fall under the same range, blue stood out. So I picked blue as a focal color.

Then, I picked my husband as the focal piece, because he is the biggest. So, my husband shall wear his cobalt blue button up.

After selecting the focal piece, everyone else's colors fell in place. 

Mommy wears the bolder gold:

I've got just the dress. And it's a (belly-concealing) baby doll too.

Toddler wears the softer gold:

Jo got this top for Christmas. Isn't it pretty?

And baby takes the beautiful burgundy:

Baby's first Christmas. Awwww!

Step 3: Add Dimension

I didn't need to take extra steps to add dimension, because the girls' clothing already came with dimensional materials

If your clothes look flat, add dimension by wearing accessories. Scarves, belts, broaches or necklaces all provide elegant layers.

Step 4: Accessorize

Just as icing on the cake, I added some accessories to finish up the job.

Unfortunately, with our house in a mess, I couldn't find baby girl headbands for the little one. They are all very pretty, and look similar to the one below.

This adorable headband came from The store offers a variety of baby girl headbands, as well as other adorable accessories for little girls.

Step 5: Add Personality

Make family pictures fun and unique by inducing personal touches.

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal, bring it along. Not only does it comfort the kid (during a stressful photo shoot), it brings out your child's individuality too.

Another way to show off some personality is through accessories, like cute sport themed hair bows (see below) or ballerina shoes.

Another adorable accessory from

Step 6: Evenly Distribute

Make sure you space similar colors out with contrasting colors.


Step 7: Last but Not Least, SMILE :O)




Hey, got family pictures coming?


How would you style everyone?


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