Sunday, December 9, 2012

Make Hair Grow Faster - Myth or Truth (Beauty Blog Post)

You have been told many ways to make hair grow faster. Are they all true? Today, let's visit age-old methods, and find out which ones are "myth," and which ones are "truth."

How to make hair grow faster - myth or truth

1. Trim your hair every six to eight weeks.


Hair grows from the follicles, not your ends. Although some trims can give you the appearance of fuller and longer hair, they do not grow hair faster.

2. Apply mayo.


Applying mayo, or any products, is completely topical. It makes your hair shiny and healthy, but doesn't speed hair growth.

3. Take supplements


Vitamins are absolutely necessary for healthy hair growth, especially vitamin c, which moisturizes skin, and vitamin B6, which promotes blood flow. To avoid vitamin definciency, you can Order hair vitamins, like Hair Formula 37. It's a nourishing supplement designed especially for faster hair growth.

4. Always use the same shampoo


Actually, you should switch shampoos once in a while. If you use the same shampoo all the time, it eventually stops working.

5. Massage scalp


Massaging your scalp increases circulation and blood flow, enriching follicles.


6. Use a hair brush with natural boar bristles


Natural boar bristles promotes hair growth by spreading natural oils from roots to ends, and gently massages scalp during use.

Are there any myth or truth you'd like to share on making hair grow faster?


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