Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Comfort - a Fashion Blog Post

Happy Sunday, girlies. How was your weekend? 

Cold weather finally arrived in Seattle -- well, cold for us is the 40's -- and along came cloudy skies. Surprisingly, yesterday, we did get a period of sunlight, and it encouraged our family to take a walk. For one blissful hour, we relished in the (lucky) sun break while enjoying various viewpoints near our place.

For winter weekends filled with light walks and family time, I prefer relaxed layers: stretchy jeans, long cardigan, and a pair of booties that easily slips on and off.

This cardigan was a Black Friday deal. It cost $8!

Love stuffing my hand in the pockets. Looks calm and relaxed.

The chain necklace is from Express. Bought it on sale for $10. I love it, because it matches half of my wardrobe.

 Hope you also had a pleasant weekend.


Thanks for reading this outfit post.


How do you dress for weekend comfort?


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