Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Downtown Seattle in Instagram - A Fashion Blog Post

After showing off the baby to an ex-manager, I had one hour before picking up the toddler, which was fully utilized with a leisurely walk in downtown Seattle

Though small, our downtown offers an exciting conglomeration of shopping, business, culture and night life -- all within walking distance, and next to the beautiful Pudget Sound. Unlike midwestern cities, which my husband and I moved from, downtown Seattle always bursts of crowds.

You can cover a lot in an hour: window shop at Nordstrom or Pacific Place Mall, tour around Pike's Place, sip coffee at Ancient Grounds, or enjoy the view at Harbour Steps. It's never boring here.

Because Seattle is a walking city -- plus it has many hills -- I like to dress in comfort. Just riding boots, skinny pants, flannel (such a Seattle trademark), and light jacket will do. 

The cross body bag -- another staple for active, comfort wear -- cost only $5 at Ross, and carried all the necessities.

By the way, I snapped a few pictures via Instagram. Do they give you incentive to visit?

Pike's Place Market


City Target

Food Truck

City Park

Christmas at Nordstrom and Macy's


Have you been to Seattle?


It's very beautiful here.


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