Monday, September 30, 2013

This Week's Outfit Ideas (Fashion Blog Post)

For Work:

A fitted button up, black pencil skirt, tapered trousers and structured bag always look nice for work.

Casual Chic Style - This Week for Work

For Happy Hour:

Don't walk. STRUT into Happy Hour with a pair of sexy over-the-knee boots.

Casual Chic Style - This Week for Happy Hour

For Movie:

You can still dress in style at the movies. Just wear something simple like a peplum top, blouse and body-hugging jeans.

Casual Chic Style - This Week for Movies

For Dinner Date:

On a dinner date, dress up just a little in a sexy blouse and bold statement necklace.

Casual Chic Style - This Week for Dinner Date

For "Sick Day:"

Get comfy in cute sweat shirt and sequined uggs on sick day, whether you're really sick or not.

Casual Chic Style - This Week for Sick Days

Thanks for reading.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Looking forward to catching up during the week ahead.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

What I'm Loving Right Now

1. A good night's sleep

With two little ones waking up in the middle of the night, quality sleep is hard to come by. But sleeping on soft, smooth, satin-y pillows help. Not only have I been getting better, sounder sleep, my hair and skin wake up fresher and softer.

I'm loving Savvy Sleeper's luxurious pillowcases, made with 100% satin, and I hope you get to try it yourself.

Find it at


Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion Blogger and Mom - How to Juggle Both? (Fashion Blog Post)

fashion blog

fashion blog


Three of my favorite fashion blogs are:

Thrifted Shift, Sydney's Fashion Diary, and Rock Oomph. They are moms who are able to look stylish and influence blogsphere while taking care of little one(s).

In my opinion, anyone can look good with time and effort. But mom bloggers haven't the time, and must put forth extra effort. That's why these women impress me -- because of their ability to juggle between fashion-ista and mom.

I'm not on the same playing field as these women.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone (Fashion Blog Post)



The princess and the pioneer.

I want to raise pioneers. I want my girls to grow up and become strong, independent thinkers. I want them to obtain the confidence to take on the world.

I want them to fail, multiple times, so that success, when they've earned it, tastes sweeter. I want them to not only know of, but experience hardship, and try and try until they come out ahead.

I want them out of their comfort zone, at least once in a while -- to jump off a cliff, and build their wings on the way down. 

But wanting is different from making it happen.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This Week's Recommendations - A Few of My Favorite Things

For skin:

1. Clinique All About Eyes Dark Circle Eye Treatments

Though I constantly search for a better eye cream, I always come back to Clinique All About Eyes. It feels refreshing and hydrating, and is one of my all-time favorites.

2. Re-energizing night cream by Borghese

So glad I found the Borghese Night Cream. It keeps skin moistened after an entire night of sleep. I rarely hit the sack without it.

3. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector

Having large, visible pores sucks. Luckily, I have this Clinique Pore Refining Solution to fill in pores, and evens skin tone.

For hair:

4. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask

This hair mask quenches hair better than any conditioner I've tried. I use it every week.

5. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Shine Shock Perfecting Glosser

John Frieda makes excellent products, and this hair glosser is certainly one of his best creations. It doesn't feel greasy, is easy to apply, and gives hair a brilliant coating. I've re-purchased this several times already -- am truly a happy user.

6. Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Honestly, I don't think you can have nice hair without taking proper supplements. That's why I recommend these sweet gummy vites.

For relaxation:

7. HoMedics SP-20H Ultra Plus Shiatsu Massage Pillow

I've been using this massage pillow for a few years. It only costs $50, and has helped tremendously with back pain.

8. Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillow Cases

I was lucky to be sent a Savvy Sleepers pillow case to try - and boy did I love it on the first try. The pillow case's satin-y material left skin and hair soft and wrinkle-free -- and left me with a great night's sleep.

If you want to, please check out all of Savvy Sleeper's products at

9. Conair Waterfall Foot Spa

Aaaaaah foot spa!

For recreation:

10. Kindle eReader

Believe the hype: eReaders are awesome. There are thousands of books -- all of them at the touch of your finger tip. I've had mine for over a year, and go to bed reading it every night.

11. Sex and the City: the Complete Collection (Delux Edition)

If I have spare time -- totally rare right now -- I'll indulge in a few hours of Sex and the City re-runs. It's a fun way to fill down-time, as well as reminisce the single days.

12. The Corpse Reader by Antonio Garrido

One of the eBooks I recently read via Kindle was The Corpse Reader. It's a crime thriller set in the Qin Dynasty of Imperial China. The story line has interesting twists and turns, and the writing is easy-to-read. For a quick and entertaining experience, I absolutely recommend this book.

For sanity:

(This applies to new mommies only.)

13. ERGObaby Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert

I used a baby carrier everyday for both our babies. Not only is it easy to maneuver, it keeps babies quiet through just about anything, making traveling around more manageable. 

I prefer ergo over other carriers because it has proper back support, and can be worn on the backside as well. (Backside functionality is for bigger kids.)

It's expensive, but certainly worth the investment.

14. Baby Einstein Baby Activity Center

Both our babies started using this around 4-5 months. The supported seat (in the middle) strengthened babies' legs, and all the stimulating toys kept her busy for over half an hour. 

If you have a baby, you know that half an hour is paramount for a parent.

15. Maclaren Junior Baby Stroller

You're able to switch to an umbrella stroller as soon as the baby can lift his or her head. This usually happens around 6-months.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo glad I no longer need the big, bulky stroller! The umbrella stroller folds easily, feels light, and carries quite a load. I take it with me wherever I go.

Thank you!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Also, sorry I've been too busy to stop by your blogs, but will certainly try to within the next few days.


See you soon.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Health Lessons I Learned from Pregnancy


Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most humbling experiences you will ever have.


Still two months to go, but already big as a whale.

It was for me.

I never expected so many adversities. Morning sickness, for one, was more crippling than expected. Then there were joint pain, bloating, anemia, diabetes, muscle cramps, and many other problems most people wouldn't experience.

When you're pregnant, your body doesn't function normally, and you can't go about everyday like you used to. All the changes -- and all of them happening so suddenly and simultaneously -- felt rather shocking.

There were emotional developments too, like anticipation, fear, a heightened sense of social awareness, self doubt, etc.

When you're pregnant, you're just not right.

Over the past six-something years of blogging...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Visiting Seattle Part 2 - Must-See Sights and a Little Bit of Style (Fashion Blog Post)

Style First

For second day's sightseeing, I chose a ruffled tank top and a pair of skinny jeans. Because the tank top is dressy, and has much volume, a casual lower half created contrast. Also, due to a lot of running around, flat sandals made a comfortable idea.


Space Needle and Seattle Center

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Visiting Seattle Part 1 - Must-See Sights and a Little Bit of Style (Fashion Blog Post)


Back to blogging.

This is the longest I've stopped blogging since two years ago. Feels strange, like I've stopped talking to a good friend, so yeah, I'm happy to be back.

By the way, the break was because my husband's family visited for a week - and he has a large family. Lots of people to coordinate, and lots of showing them around. I feel exhausted, but am happy that everyone had a good time, and the first-timers left Seattle loving it.

Visiting Seattle for the first time : must-see sights.