Sunday, April 3, 2022

Gucci Women's Square Sunglasses (Black, Grey, Green) Review

Welcome back to my review!

Springtime is here and days are sunnier. I wanted to upgrade my everyday-sunglasses and ran into these beautiful pair of GUCCI SUNGLASSES. After wearing them for a few weeks, I have fallen in love. I am happy to give then a full review.
If you're looking for a pair of sunglasses that have the classic square shape, then you might find today's review helpful.

Talking Points

Today's review consists of the following points:
1. The reasons why I purchased these sunglasses.
2. My overall feel including likes and dislikes.
3. Who they're best for and which occasions they are best for?

Why these GUCCI sunglasses?

Well, I can't lie. The brand is attractive. I'm not big on name brands but I do enjoy quality designer accessories. When it comes to things that wear daily, like sunglasses, I feel that quality trumps everything else. And GUCCI is a quality brand.

Two, the oversized, square style fits my round and wide face shape the best.

Three, the retro style is unique.

Likes and Dislikes

Here are the specs:
  • The colors are black rim and gray and green shades
  • The lens are non-polarized but there is UV protective coating.
  • The lens are 56 millimeters wide and 55.5 millimeters tall.
  • The bridge is about 19 millimeters and the arms are about 145 millimeters long
  • Overall Feel

    They feel so comfortable! The width worked perfectly for me. In fact, if I move my head, the sunglasses stay put. I can wear them with confidence during outside activities. They are also beautifully made. The entire package is attractive with the big and bold style, the gradient lenss and the subtle gucci logo. Everything comes together to create a luxurious but also very functional accessory.

    The sunglasses are also easy to style. They're not sports sunglasses but I can wear them with various types of outfits.

    Who they are for?

    If you have a round face shape like mine, then the style will suit you well. If you like being outside, you should also certainly consider them. They are high quality sunglasses, and you will use them for a while. I certainly plan to make a life-time use out of these. Some occasions that I see them being useful at include graduation ceremonies, weddings and any outside activities.

    Thanks again for your time

    I hope you that found today's review helpful. See you next time.

    Find the sunglasses below.