Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - Creating a Blog - 5 Reasons to Start a Blog

Why are you creating a blog?

Why not. Most importantly, why does anyone else care?

Your blog is your own creative space -- a place of self expression and personal outlet. Plus, most platforms are free for beginners. You start a blog for your own reason(s), and it is nobody's business.

However, if you need further convincing, then I've got five great reasons why you should start a blog.

1. To Share Your Passion

Unfortunately, in real life, you have few friends who share the same passion as you do. When you talk to people about your interests, they often don't seem interested or even become annoyed. 

For example, expressing your enthusiasm about a recent shopping haul may come off as narcissistic or being a show off. But really, all you want to do is share your passion for fashion.

If you start a fashion blog, then you can write all you want about hauls, trends, accessories, etc. Those who do stop by to share their opinions are most likely interested in the same things. It's not only fun to find others you identify with, but comforting too.

Accessory shopping at F21 - it's very serious for me :O)

2. To Have a Product of Your Own

Most likely, you work for other people. Though you gain experience and knowledge from your job, you don't have a concrete product that is wholly your own.

Your blog, however, is yours. It is about subjects you like, has your personality all over it, and you make it as amazing as you want it to be. 

Your blog is your own product -- something you can be proud of. Now doesn't it feel good to be in the driver's seat?

3. To Help Others

What you are passionate about is also what you know a lot about. Sharing your expertise on a blog can reach someone who might be looking for a solution. 

A first-person review on a beauty product? Easy ways to tone down a funky trend? Who knows? You just might help someone out in your next post.

4. To Be a Part of a Community

We all have a need to belong.

As your blog grows, so will your followers, and other blogs you follow. Being a part of a loving, supportive community makes you feel significant and purposeful. Having an audience gives you incentive to become a better blogger.

Doesn't it feel good to belong?

5. To Make Extra Money

Who doesn't want extra money, right? I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and any extra cash is good for my family.

When you are ready, you can always open your blog for commercialization. Even just to fund your blogging habit.

Since I officially opened Girlie Blog Seattle for monetization last November, I have been making around $100 - $150 per month. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it's still $100 more than what I had nine months ago.

Successful blogs (that make a full-time income) are like Hollywood actors -- every "overnight" sensation is 10 years in the making. The longer you blog, the wider your audience, and therefore the more business opportunities you receive.

Hey, money is money. I'd rather have a dollar more than none.

To conclude this Blogging Tips Weekly, I'm going to borrow Nike's famous logo,

Just Do It.

What are your reasons for creating a blog?

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