Saturday, March 30, 2013

Don't Be A Catty Blogger (Fashion Blog Post)

I was reading a fashion forum today...

It's a high-traffic forum. I won't state the name. 

The cattiness exploded like a ton of C4's: some petite blogger was accused of plagiarizing others. (I'm not intimate with the circumstances, but do question how one can plagiarize outfits?) Anyway, mean comments about her just poured in: "she's pathetic," "she's sad," etc.

Then the cattiness snowballed into bizarrely off-topic conversations, like making fun of a mom blogger for wearing leather pants, and calling bloggers stupid for creating girlie URL's. 

Please don't look at my URL.

Sh*t. You looked.

If the real world is tough, then blogosphere is 10 times tougher.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Recommend

1. Fake sexy legs with...

Taupe heels


Taupe replaced nude as the "it" color for shoes.

You might not need faking, but a pair of bare legs look mighty sexy in the heels below.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NC30) Review (Beauty Blog Post)

I have spots on my face :O(

Blame it on too much sun, hormone imbalance (from two pregnancies), or whatever excuse that comes to mind at the moment, I have spots on my face

I do make the perfect beauty blog owner though -- lots of problems to fix, and lots of products to review.

To conceal spots, I sought a full-coverage foundation, and eventually settled for an old love, M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. (Color NC30.) 

Why M.A.C again?

The reason why I picked M.A.C Studio Fix again is because I've had positive experience with this before, and it offers excellent coverage without feeling heavy. I decided to conduct a thorough review here for those of you who also seek a full-coverage product.

By the way, regarding female hormone imbalance...

Before the review, I want to make a point:  

hormone imbalance comes from various reasons, not just pregnancy.  

Also, hormone imbalance causes many side effects, not just skin discoloration. Some sides effects are dangerous. 

To learn more about hormone imbalance in women, please read about it here. The website offers important information around the subject, as well as products like women's vitamins


m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation review

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Formal Dresses for Juniors at (Fashion Blog Post)

Choosing formal dresses for juniors is tricky: you can't go too sexy or too mature, but you don't want to doll them up like little girls either. 

With prom arriving soon, formal dresses for juniors are filling up store racks in an assortment of colors, lengths and style.

How do you pick the right one?

Formal Dresses for Juniors at MissesDressy

MissesDressy, a specialty dress store that focuses on occasion dresses, offers the latest trends, as well as designer brands.

There are many choices to choose from, and everything is completely affordable. (I've seen prom dresses for under $200.)
Also, MissesDressy offers fast shipping. You can order online, and they ship the dress on the same day.

My top picks from MissesDressy

I'm certain you can make up your own mind. But just in case, here are my favorites from MissesDressy:

1. Pretty in Pastel

Pastels are normally "in" in Spring. And this Spring, pastels just happen to be the "it" color too.

I like the dress below because it's soft, pretty and pastel. 

Also, the dress's asymmetrical design adds uniqueness, while its beaded midsection provides a slimming effect.

Terani P1502
by Terani Couture Prom

Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Dress Boho Chic (Fashion Blog Post)

What is Boho Chic?

Boho chic, or boho-chic, is a fashion trend influenced by hippie and bohemian style of the 60's and 70's. 

There are many versions of how to dress boho chic. But to sum it up, boho chic mixes modern trends with vintage pieces, and is usually worn as comfy street wear.

how to dress boho chic
The top has a dull type of green color - perfect for a boho look.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cool Stuff Beauty, Fashion and Skin Care Bloggers Oughta know About

As a beauty, fashion and skin care blog owner, I constantly look for innovative ideas in my subject areas.

Here are what I've discovered lately, and I think you oughta know:

1. How to video chat like a super model.

Quality media is important for beauty, fashion and skin care blogs, especially for those of you who conduct vLogs.  

Chat Light, a lighting tool created especially for video-making, helps you look more professional in videos. It was invented by fashion photographer Henry Geddes, who also has 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. 

To learn more about this innovative lighting tool, visit chat light. 


2. Moisturize oxidant-free.

Did you know that Trader Joe's makes an antioxidant facial moisturizer

It's paraben-, oil- and fragrance-free.
Sounds much better than moisturizers that are full of chemicals you can't pronounce.


3. Eat a blondie.

Not really.

I meant Trader Joe's Blondie Bars. They are scrumptious.

4. Eat yogurt. Look fab.

Noosa Yogurt's ingredients are: Grade A pasteurized milk, cane sugar, fruits, cream, skim milk powder, honey, pepcin and milk proteins, and live active cultures. 

Quite less than other yogurt.

Plus, each serving contains 9 grams of skin-supplementing protein.
I eat it as breakfast, snack or dessert. 

5. Use an obsidian eyeliner

That's right. The eyeliner is made from volcanic glass.

I bet it gives you a great smokey.


Cool stuff (you oughta know), right?


Now that you know, which one(s) will you try?


   Happy Friday.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

BijaBody Anti-Aging Body Treatment Review (Skin Care Products Reviews)

I've got a girl crush on Melissa.

A week or so ago, a nice lady contacted me about reviewing her products.

"Oh great. Another advertiser asking me to review something that smells like a thousand roses," I thought. (I think I rolled my eyes too.)

Then I read about Melissa, founder of BijaBody, and found out that she traveled the world when she was 18, kayaked the fastest rivers, became an ethestician, and made products that she herself has a passion for. 

I found out that Melissa began BijaBody and Rooted In Beauty to "link the beauty industry with women-owned agricultural cooperatives in developing countries to provide sustainable farming and economic opportunities in places that desperately need them."

In shorter words, I found Melissa and her products so substantially unique from others.

I fell a bit in love with Melissa.

I hoped that I would fall in love with her products too. 

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Look at this neat sample package! I was so happy to receive it in the mail.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Beauty blogger's dream - an assortment of goodie samples.

First up, BijaBody Anti-Aging Body Treatment Review 

Melissa sent me multiple products. I will review them one at a time, as I become acquainted with each one.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment


Quality and Performance

  • First of all, lotion includes natural ingredients -- and very few of them: honey, peptides, turmeric, algae, resveratrol and vitamins.  
  • My motto is: the less chemicals, the better. I immediately liked this.
  • Formula is thick, but still blendable.
  • It absorbed into skin with gentle rubs.
  • It also hydrated skin, giving it a supple glow.
  • I can feel the moisture immediately after application.
  • Overall, formula offers nice quality, and excellent hydrating power.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Always love a thick formula.

skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Nice consistency, right?
skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment
Smooth application.



  • Like I said, formula hydrated immediately.
  • The moisture felt great. 
  • A little sticky afterwards, but tolerable. 


  • No irritations to skin after use.
  • No irritating smell either.
  • Product really did feel and smell natural. 

Lasting Power

  • A couple of hours, at least.
  • Good enough for me. 


  • I received a sample size. No opinion on the packaging.

Overall Likes

  • Thick formula. Lathers on nicely.
  • All-natural ingredients that works.
  • No irritating smell.
  • Superb hydrating power.
  • Fast absorbancy.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Sufficient lasting power.  

Overall Dislikes

  • Sticky, but not uncomfortable.

Overall Rating



skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment


skin care products reviews bijabody body treatment

Next up: BijaBody Daily Body Scrub.


But before that, please read about Melissa, and check out her products at

BijaBody is sold at Gene Juarez Salons and Sweet Spot Sugar Studios in Seattle.