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M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NC30) Review (Beauty Blog Post)

I have spots on my face :O(

Blame it on too much sun, hormone imbalance (from two pregnancies), or whatever excuse that comes to mind at the moment, I have spots on my face

I do make the perfect beauty blog owner though -- lots of problems to fix, and lots of products to review.

To conceal spots, I sought a full-coverage foundation, and eventually settled for an old love, M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. (Color NC30.) 

Why M.A.C again?

The reason why I picked M.A.C Studio Fix again is because I've had positive experience with this before, and it offers excellent coverage without feeling heavy. I decided to conduct a thorough review here for those of you who also seek a full-coverage product.

By the way, regarding female hormone imbalance...

Before the review, I want to make a point:  

hormone imbalance comes from various reasons, not just pregnancy.  

Also, hormone imbalance causes many side effects, not just skin discoloration. Some sides effects are dangerous. 

To learn more about hormone imbalance in women, please read about it here. The website offers important information around the subject, as well as products like women's vitamins


m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation review


M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

(Price: $23 - $30)

Quality and Performance

  • Formula is definitely fluid. Actually, it's a little watery.
  • But formula has nice consistency. 
  • It applied smoothly, and blended easily.
  • Though runny, formula dried quickly, and gave skin a pretty veil.
  • It also looked natural, but still offered excellent coverage.   
  • My skin is oily, and this foundation put a matte effect on it. (No one likes looking shiny.)
  • Overall, I loved the quality and performance of m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation.  

m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation review
Excellent quality. Great consistency.


  • Not heavy at all.
  • Though coverage was sufficient, the feel was light and pleasant.
  • I knew I had something on, but barely.  


  • M.A.C foundation offers a wide range of shades.
  • It has something for everyone.
  • NC30 looked perfect on my skin. Its yellow undertone really suits Asians.  

Lasting Power

  • Great.
  • Don't judge, but I wore it to the gym, and it lasted through two hours of sweaty workout. 


  • For me, glass bottles are always better.
  • This foundation came in a large glass bottle.
  • Bottle is heavy, but I like it. 
  • The twist top was cumbersome to use, and formula was hard to pour out. 
  • But overall, packaging wasn't bothersome.  

m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation review
A little on the heavy side, but I still liked the glass bottle.

Overall Likes

  • Excellent quality and performance.
  • Long lasting power.
  • Wide range of colors. (NC 30 is beautiful, by the way.)
  • Easy to apply and blend.
  • Liked the glass bottle. 

Overall Dislikes

  • Formula a little thin and watery.
  • Heavy bottle. Probably hard to travel with. 


  • 9/10



I have been using it for years. Though I continuously look for a better one, but always come back to my M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid.  

Truly worth the re-purchase.


m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation review
Bare with just lotion.


m.a.c studio fix fluid foundation review
Covered and ready for makeup.


I loved M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid foundation.


Will you give it a try?

(Hope so.)



  1. Ooo I've been wanting to try the studio fix! Looks great on your skin. :)

    Thanks for sharing and I'm now following you via Bloglovin' #170! Hope you can do the same for me so we can keep in touch!

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

  2. You have gorgeous skin! I like the look of this foundation - very natural, not too heavy at all :) Thanks for the review!

    xx Ellie 

  3. I heard it was a good foundation! I want to try it.

  4. ok, i don't even see any spots in the before!! you have nice skin! i used to use the studio fix powder for a long time, NC35! never did try their liquid, but i bet it is good.

  5. I don't see a single spot on your bare skin!!!

    My MAC wish list is about a mile long. I'm trying to stop myself from heading over there to buy half of it!

  6. I don't really wear foundation, but recently was sunburned while wearing sunglasses. :( I desperately needed foundation and quick. Luckily I had enough concealer to get me through the week of recovery. But I have skin like yours and am glad to see this option for next time. Will be checking this out. Thanks so much for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  7. you can buy a pump at MAC to use it with studio fix fluid. :)

  8. Seems nice! I've always wanted to try this! I've had good luck with MAC foundations in the past! xx

  9. Great review darling! U look so pretty! Xo,

  10. You have amazingly clear skin without the foundation. I don't see any blemishes! I will think about giving this a try when my foundation runs out though. Thanks for this review!

  11. I just started using this as well and I love it!

  12. Looks great! And even without make-up you look great =]!

  13. Love this makeup, going to have to try!
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'??


  14. I have this foundation! it works amazing!!!
    you are such a natural beauty!
    kisses from Miami,

  15. thanks for the review!! i have a spot on my face too haha



    i WAIT FOR YOU SOON FOR A new gourmand easter post!!


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