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Thinning Hair? Reduce Hair Fall Naturally (Beauty Blog Post)

Your hair grows in cyclical movement that separates into three phases: growth, transitional and resting. For any given hair follicle, new hair pushes old hair out in between phases. 

Hair loss, therefore, is completely normal.

When there isn't enough new hair to replace old hair, you go bald. Unfortunately, the biggest cause for thinning hair is genetics -- and yes, women do experience hair loss, though most of them are not as severe as men.

reduce hair fall naturally


How to reduce hair fall naturally, and why do they work?

You can't stop hair from falling out, but you can reduce the quantity by using natural remedies.

(The reason why I'm promoting natural remedies is because chemicals damage hair. So using such products defeats the purpose.)

Here are a few to try, and why:


1. Clean with natural ingredients

It's all about the follicles, isn't it?
When hair follicles become infected with bacteria and fungus, new hair stops growing. Conditioning with natural ingredients that contain anti-bacterial properties leaves hair clean, fresh and healthy. 

Good ingredients to try are lemon juice and olive oil.

2. Add natural hormones

Hormones like estrogen increase hair growth. 

As you age, your hormone levels decrease, which in turn thins hair. Adding natural hormones to your diet helps sustain hormone level.

Try yams. They contain estrogen.

3.  Quit inflicting damage

Sometimes, it's not about what you put on your hair, but how you treat it.

How about letting your hair down once in a while? Pulling hair into a tight up do strains follicles. Also, avoid using products and heating tools.

For more ways to reduce hair fall naturally, visit 101 Tips On How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster and  Home Remedies To Make Hair Grow Faster.

reduce hair fall naturally

reduce hair fall naturally


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  1. yikes...i know i always freak out when i see a lot of hair in the shower!!

    thanks for the tips!

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  2. Hahaha, hilarious lady :D
    When I had my long hair I used quinine water, it really helps for fast growing and healthy hair :)

  3. NICE pics and post!
    KIss KISS from ROME

  4. Lol for the photos! Btw, I can get it, fight with this trouble from ages!!:) Thanks for your tips!:)

  5. you hair pics are too funny! hahaha great advice doll. my loss was due to strong chemicals. you really have to be careful.

  6. these are such great tips! my hair always gives me such a problem but only when it comes to always being tangled. otherwise, i'm pretty lucky.


  7. My hair falls out a ton. It's everywhere. However, I don't notice my hair becoming thinner.

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  8. LOL your photos are funny! Anyway, for hair fall, I'd recommend using Gugo bark! :D

  9. Great post thanks for sharing.

  10. thank you for these tips!! I will try the lemon juice, never thought about it!
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  11. That was great post! thanx for these tips ;)

  12. Aw you're pretty! :)

    Great tips. My hair is quite unhealthy and I could do with those tips. :)


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