Monday, March 11, 2013

Casual Chic Fashion - Spring 2013 Favorites (Fashion Blog Post)

A visit with Grandpa, a walk through downtown, and a trip to the aquarium filled our Monday morning. This week is already in full swing.

I am fortunate to be able to take care of my kids full-time. I don't mind the physical exhaustion, because in a flash, they will be off to school.

Moms wear casual clothes

Wardrobe nowadays looks far different from what I wore before kids. You will catch me in only casual clothes, each item acquired during red tag sale.

Really. There is no point in dressing up, or dressing expensively.

However, stay-at-home moms long for looking stylish too. I honestly believe that casual clothes can be fashionable. 

(If you want more casual chic fashion, please visit my other blog here.)

Casual Chic Fashion - Spring 2013 Favorites

Isn't it incredible that we are in March already? Only a few days until the first day of spring.

Please have a look of my favorite casual chic fashion in spring of 2013, in case you are seeking similar style:

1. Pastel-colored maxi

Look breezy; look lean. Look soft too, in a long, flow-y, pastel-colored maxi.  

Find the dress below at Victoria's Secret online. There's a spring sale there.


2. Floral cocktail

A simple floral cocktail dress can be worn everywhere -- weddings, happy hour...literally, everywhere.

Isn't the dress below darling? Love its all-over floral. 

Find it at Et La Mer online, an Australian eStore that carries exotic lines such as Jimmy Jean and zavarucci.


3. Printed with v-neck wedge

I'm crazy about prints. How about you? Especially prints on a sexy, open-back tee.

The one below is from Express.  It's only $15.90.

4. Cuffed sandals

I don't care what the current shoe trend is, sandals are still must-have footwear in warm weather.

This season, add shine to comfy sandals, with cuffs in brilliant metals.

Find the sandal below at Steve Madden.

5. Flared skirts

Spring wardrobe wouldn't be complete without skirts

How about a skirt with personality and flare? Try the one below from H&M.



So glad it's almost spring.


Sun, fun -- they are not far away.


And you?


What are your favorites this spring?



  1. Love the maxi dress :) So perfect for Spring!

  2. great post! such gorgeous items and perfect for spring and summer!

  3. I love spring fashion - your picks are great! I found you through Lindsay's Seattle Style Bloggers page, and just started following you on GFC. I am a fellow Seattle blogger and would really appreciate if you can check out my blog too when you have a chance:

    Avec Amber

    Thanks so much!


  4. Agree with you! Love the maxi dress and the pleated skirt!:) Kisses! xo

  5. Lovely , saint words!
    I tell you that I have 3 doughters!
    Nice all looks!
    (last evening, in Italy, while I was watching Grey's anatomy i have thought to you...ahahahahaha!)
    Stop by me when you want!!


  6. I totally agree that you can be casual but stylish.

  7. I'm so excited to wear pretty skirts and dresses for spring! i love light colors ad airy fabrics! =)


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