Monday, March 18, 2013

Street Wear with Blazers - Best Blazers for Business Casual Style (Fashion Blog Post)

Happy Monday, girlies! 

How's everyone doing?

I started this week with no wheels at all. That's right, our 13-year-old car needs an entire day for repairs :O(  

Don't want to think about what the bill will look like.

Luckily, in Seattle, owning a car is not necessary -- one of the reasons why I love Seattle. (Please see my fashion blog post from the weekend.)

Today, let's discuss street wear -- my favorite way to dress.

You may think of street wear as hip hop or urban clothing -- true...if you are stuck in the 80's.  

Today, street wear has evolved into a plethora of style, including classier dress codes.

My favorite type of street wear is business casual, which mixes business-style clothing like blazers, blouses and tweeds with casual pieces like jeans and logo tees. 

It's fun to dress up while dressing down. For an active mommy (like myself) who also wants to look good, converting street wear into business casual is the perfect way to style.

Street wear to business casual -- pointers please!

What are the easiest ways to go from street wear to business casual?

1. Heels

A pair of dressy pumps not only adds a few inches, they add elegance too.

2. Jewelry

A statement necklace with pearls or a stack of bangles easily takes you from street to office.

3. Blazers

The classiest way to go from street wear to business casual is to wear a blazer. 

You don't need an expensive suit-type blazer. There are many casual, everyday blazers to choose from. They are completely versatile, and give you a clean, elegant look.     

Spring 2013's Best Blazers

A few of this season's best blazers to share. These stunning blazers came from New Look, a UK-based clothing store that offers the latest style at amazing prices. Please check out the store here.

1. Bright Polka Dots

So glad polka dots are still in style. They are super cute. Reminds me of Minnie Mouse.

What to wear it with?

A pair of pastel-colored skinny jeans. I recommend orange cream, pink or mint? You'll look extra ready for spring.

2. Sleeveless

I have honestly never seen a sleeveless blazer before. But I like it.

Why? Because it's different.

What to wear it with?

A tight logo tee -- and make the logo super bad@$$, like a skull. 

3. Monochrome Striped

Did you know that monochrome is also hot this season?

I really like the black-and-white stripes on this jacket.

What to wear it with?

Bright pants. Think: red.   

4. Long Line Waterfall

Waterfall is such a lovely shape. I saw a mom friend wear it, and immediately fell in love.

The pink blazer below has a lovely color.

What to wear it with?

Distressed jeans with super light color, rolled up at the ankle, and pointy black pumps.  

5. Peplum

Another great style that trickled down from previous seasons. 

Peplum is a slimming style. No wonder it's hard to let go.

What to wear it with?

Shorts. You heard me right. SHORTS!  

6. Crepe

How sleek is the crepe-styled blazer!

What to wear it with?

Just a pair of clean-cut, boot-cut jeans.

7. Trim Boyfriend

Trim cut = super lean.

What to wear it with?

How about a long, gradient-colored tee, over a pair of sexy pleather leggings?

8. Lace

Romantic lace makes a comeback. We are glad about that.

What to wear it with?

Be date night-ready by wearing this blazer over a body-hugging LBD. 


Thanks again for reading.


Anymore ideas on converting street wear to business casual?



  1. love that waterfall style!! :D so elegant and polished!

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  2. I love polka dots and stripes. Sorry you had to go without your car. Where I live you have to have a car. I would be so sad without mine.

    Come enter our necklace giveaway!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. I think you did a good job. I can't think of anything else. I love that peplum blazer. So cute!

    xo Jo

  4. great post love this blazer

  5. Love the peplum and polka dot! Fabulous looks! So sorry to hear about your car.

  6. Love them all, especially the pink one! I need to buy one for the spring!:) Kisses! xo

  7. I think I wear crepe styled the most. And I do have to say that most peplum adds 20 pounds to my figure because it never matches up with my hips or waist. But I think it's still a sizing issue.

    7% Solution​

  8. It's funny; I think business casual has invaded street clothing, rather than the other way around. I LOVE the idea of a sleeveless blazer. I hadn't seen these until I started blogging. They're like a vest, but better!

    Waterfall blazers are also wonderful, especially on those days when you want to cover your midsection.

  9. I really like #4, #5 and #6. I just got a new job and I will have to be wearing blazers more often.


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