Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I'm Loving Now

Happy March, girlies!


What a lovely month! And so much to look forward to.

In March, there is St. Pat's, the first day of spring, and the first day of Passover. I cannot wait.

So what am I loving right now, in March? Keep reading.

Watches that wow

Big watch, skinny wrist -- oh the power of illusion!

This watch functions and accessorizes. I also like its gold and silver chain. Makes matching other metals that much easier.

Earth-friendly tools

Eco Tools is a brand of makeup tools that are made from environmentally-conscious materials. 

Since its launch in 2008, Eco Tools has grown exponentially -- and I can see why. Its bristles are soft; it lasts; and it feels good to use products that favor Mother Earth.

I HIGHLY recommend it.


Showing your faith

You don't have to preach your faith to be faithful; you can wear it.

Jewelry retailer Derng offers sideways cross bracelets with cross pavements that broadcast your faith -- and do it in fashion.

Each bracelet is stylish, stack-able and affordable. Truly, a real gem.


Protecting yourself, and your family

Recently, I wrote a skin care blog post about Sun Spots on Skin. Now, I'm acting my own words by applying broad spectrum sunscreen on everyone.


Adding leopard accessories to the simplest items 

The leopard print is a sign of luxury. But if you mix it with simple items, like the skinny jeans below, it becomes down-to-earth.

Need a subtle way to wear leopard? Try a scarf.


 Again, Happy March to you.


What are you loving right now?


  1. Oh really cute watch, the brush from ECO tools is wonderful I have a set from Ecotools brnd and is so cool for apply my concealer and eyeshadows.


  2. Mmmm,I must say that watch is so eye catching :D
    Right now I'm loving pizza.....can't get enough of it :D

  3. Lovely post! I'm so tempted to try out Eco tools! x

  4. Oops, you forgot to mention that Easter is in March this year. Early, I know.

    I love ecotools brushes.

    What else am I loving? Skinny jeans. I've lost enough weight to look good in them!

  5. i love the mint watch from target i got!


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