Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last Week's Insta-Eat, -Do and -Wear in Seattle (Fashion Blog Post)

Of course you use Instagram.

You are light years ahead of me. 

Finally jumped on the bandwagon, and have been addicted since. Created a little account, documenting adventures in Seattle with our daughters. Because this blog is -- somewhat, kind of -- fashion-related, please allow everyday insta-outfits too.

Don't worry.

Outfits are simple, casual and true to Seattle's active lifestyle. 

Honestly, just wanted to share beautiful Seattle with whoever cares to stop by.


Eat: Macrina Bakery

Because: everything's made from scratch, using local ingredients; and tastes insanely good.

Love their pinwheel, by the way! Hope you try it.

Do: Go Up the Space Needle

Because: a 360-degree panoramic view of Seattle is absolutely breathtaking.

Wear: A Bright Top

Because: Seattle winters are rainy and gloomy, but Seattle women are not.


Eat: Deru Market Kirkland

Because: their desserts are mouthwatering!

Thank you to long-time friend T.C for introducing it to us!

Do: Houghton Beach Park

Because: the beach has a gorgeous view, and the kiddos like the pirate-themed playground.

Wear: Long Cardi and Scarf. Or something equally warm.

Because: the beach gets a little chilly, so it's appropriate to bundle up.


Eat: Spud's Fish and Chips (Alki Beach, West Seattle)

Because: Spud has the best fish and chips in town--and they are reasonably priced.

Do: Alki Beach Stroll

Because: Alki's lovely, and a Seattle landmark.

Wear: Flannel and Jeans

Because: Seattle women prefer staying true to Seattle style.


Eat: Top Pot Donuts

Because: the company is Seattle-grown and offers the BEST donuts in town.

Do: Ferry Ride to Bremmerton

Because: it's a beautiful, peaceful ride across the Sound.

Wear: Bulky Jacket and Big Prints

Because: Seattle women are down-to-earth. We dress for the weather while making bold statements.


Eat: Beef Noodle Soup at Phuket Thai Restaurant (Uptown, Seattle)

Because: cold weather and warm soup create a fitting combo.

Do: Kerry Park

Because: it is the best viewpoint in town

No joke.

Wear: Superman Top

Because: Superman is my husband's idol, as my husband is mine. (Sorry everyone! I'm a self-indulgent fashion blogger after all.)

Thanks for your time!

Hope you are having a fun and fabulous weekend. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Marc Jacobs Highliner Eyeliner Review

Today's review is not sponsored.

The Marc Jacobs Highliner (affiliate) deserves attention because it's simply exquisite. Suppose you already know my opinion; but in case you've interest in the details, please read on.

After depleting a treasured 24/7 Glide On Pencil (by Urban Decay) to a stub, I wandered into Sephora, intending to repurchase the glide-on pencil when, surrounded by so many girlie things, a shelf full of various try-me's stole my attention. 

Why must Sephora target our Achilles Heels? 

Before coming to senses, I was already acquainted with one, two, three, four different eyeliners by drawing them on the back of my hand--and Marc Jacobs Highliner drew the most pronounced line.

About Marc Jacobs Highliner

Marc Jacobs Highliner is a gel crayon eyeliner by Marc Jacobs Beauty, with features including intense color, waterproof property, and extreme wear, and a "breakthrough formula" adhering exclusivity to the brand. Described as "super-malleable," the liner is said to glide on smoothly, apply precisely, and stay put all day.

It also includes Vitamin E and Rosa Canina Seed Extract as ingredients, both of which soothe, soften and protect your skin.


An eyeliner's application holds the utmost importance; because liners contact the sensitive skin around your eyes. Quality eyeliners mustn't easily crack, irritate or run, and should apply effortlessly.

Formula-wise, Marc Jacobs Highliner gave an outstanding performance! Compared to the Urban Decay Eye Pencil I previously owned, which created intensity but watered my eyes and failed to stay put; the Marc Jacobs liner felt lighter and lasted longer, while providing similar intensity.

Similar, but not the same.

The Urban Decay eyeliner has richer pigmentation, and exuded sensuality. Its deep, powerful color enhanced eyes with darker pupils. 

The Marc Jacobs eyeliner appeared duller. However, if you seek super-charged intensity, simply draw the same line two or three times for a darker shade.

Staying Power

Ah! My favorite feature of this eyeliner! It lasted, and lasted, and then some. The only way to take it off was with an oil of some sort. (I used coconut.) 

And again, it stayed put all day, didn't smudge, and provided the quality it promised.

After Washing With Soap

After Removing With Coconut Oil and Cleansing Towelettes


The liner encased in a sheen and simple black-and-white box, reflecting the brand's minimal style. The pencil itself, also dual-colored--instead of white a gleaming silver--delivered a sense of luxury. When you hold the box, you know something special resides inside.

The pencil also has a built-in sharpener (see below). It's concealed at the end tip, and twists off. It's quite an innovative feature: because the pencil is a twist-tube; the tiny, feather-weight sharpener need only to fit the tip of the crayon. It keeps crayon sharpened, save production cost, and adds value to the product.


For $25 (per 0.01 oz), you can acquire the liner at your local Sephora. It's a fair price for a brand-name. You can also find it on Amazon here. (Affiliate)


Believe so.


After Applying Liner Only

After Applying Rest of Eye Makeup

Thank you for reading today's Marc Jacobs Highliner Review!

Have you tried it?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Two Toned Riding Boots: 5 Looks for Work and Play

1. Flattering Flannels



2. Biker Chic



3. Easy Does It



4. Princess of Darkness



5. Soft and Pretty



Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Take College by Storm

* This is a sponsored post with pre-written text by a third party. All photos belong to Femme Basics.

You've graduated high school and it's time to begin the next adventure in your life. You're off to college. It's exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. You'll be taking the plunge into unfamiliar waters. You don't want to feel like just another small fish in a big sea. It's time to take the world by storm. Begin by showing everyone that you are put together, strong, and confident, ready to take on any challenge that heads your way.

First Impressions Matter

You've heard the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Unfortunately, that's exactly what people do when they first meet someone. Your personality and inner qualities matter most, but you need to make an effort to create a positive self-image. That can begin by paying attention to your appearance. Try a new hairstyle before you hit the campus. Play with your makeup and spice things up. Give your figure a boost with's Waist Cincher. Experiment with clothing, hats, and accessories. This is your chance to find out who you really are by trying out a new look for size.

Get Involved

When you go to a new school and you are away from home, it can be hard to put yourself out there. You need to overcome any shyness that you may have. Get to know new people. Go to mixers and special events on campus. If you get invites to parties, make a point of attending. Go to the games and show your school spirit. Welcome the opportunity to do group work in your classes. You'll get to meet new people and find new friends.

Find Your Niche

Once you get settled in at college, you will find your groove. You will become comfortable with your routine and a group of carefully selected friends. Take time to build strong relationships and you will have friendships that last a lifetime. This is your opportunity to truly bloom as you mature, study, and learn. You are on the path to your career and your future. Use this time in your life wisely. Work, travel, and mingle with others. Before you know it, this chapter will close and you will be in the real world. College is a time to be serious in order to reach your goals. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy every minute.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Food, Fashion and Fun: This Week's Recommendations


Avocado and Egg Sandwich with Whole Wheat Bread

Spread mashed avocado onto two pieces of whole wheat bread; add all-natural swiss cheese and two cage-free fried eggs; and combine to form a sandwich. It's filling, mouthwatering and protein-rich. Enjoy as breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Dark Accessories

Jewel-toned accessories best-embellish fall wardrobe. I like purple. How about you?


Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

Don't watch it for Tom Cruise. Watch it for the girl.

What parents, in their right minds, would name their child "Pussy Galore?" 

Being a smart, capable female yourself, don't you feel that James Bond movies objectify women to an obscene degree? Though the franchise has recently incorporated stronger female characters; none of them--not even the cheeky late M--match Ilsa Faust of Rogue Nation.

The Mission Impossible series--now that we're on-topic--has integrated powerful female characters all along: the cunning Mrs. Phelps of MI-1, that charming thief on 2, and all of Ethan Hunt's kick-ass counterparts there on. Even the meek suburban wife in MI-3, whom Hunt married to attempt a life of normalcy, became the heroine that saved the day.

But you argue,"they've all used their sexualities, just like the Bond Girls."

So what they look smoking hot in stilettos? Society--and Hollywood--objectify women no matter what. Might as well give them a brain that can hack into CIA's central server and legs that kick ass. Women of MI, with their bomb-diffusing, techy-brainiac ways, trump Bond Girls any day.

Faust is the baddest. 

Her intro says it all: pant suit, black trench, and fights with her bare hands. She saves Hunt; then, instead of running away with him, she runs back into danger. I fell for her right there. Later we learn that she'd gone rogue. A woman who holds her own. I am now head over heels.

In the fifth installment of Mission Impossible, Hunt meets his match. She saves him over and over again throughout the film. Like him, she is agile, witty, ferocious and constantly two-steps-ahead. But she is vulnerable--a good person who does bad things. It's very hard to not like her.

Can the next opinion be completely self-indulgent please?

SHE IS SO-MY-TYPE!!!!!!!! Girl-next-door with unconventional beauty. Oh, and, don't be surprised if she outperforms a Marine at the pull up bar.

Hmm. What else?

The storyline, as well as an all-star cast that includes Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin, delivered as well. But hey, you'd have to see it for yourself. Here's a trailer:

Oh yeah. The motorcycle scene that everyone's talking about:

"Ugh! I don't like Tom Cruise!" Responded a mom-friend, after I recommended MI-5 to her.

"Don't watch it for Tom Cruise," I smiled, "watch it for the girl."

Hope you do too!