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Marc Jacobs Highliner Eyeliner Review

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The Marc Jacobs Highliner (affiliate) deserves attention because it's simply exquisite. Suppose you already know my opinion; but in case you've interest in the details, please read on.

After depleting a treasured 24/7 Glide On Pencil (by Urban Decay) to a stub, I wandered into Sephora, intending to repurchase the glide-on pencil when, surrounded by so many girlie things, a shelf full of various try-me's stole my attention. 

Why must Sephora target our Achilles Heels? 

Before coming to senses, I was already acquainted with one, two, three, four different eyeliners by drawing them on the back of my hand--and Marc Jacobs Highliner drew the most pronounced line.

About Marc Jacobs Highliner

Marc Jacobs Highliner is a gel crayon eyeliner by Marc Jacobs Beauty, with features including intense color, waterproof property, and extreme wear, and a "breakthrough formula" adhering exclusivity to the brand. Described as "super-malleable," the liner is said to glide on smoothly, apply precisely, and stay put all day.

It also includes Vitamin E and Rosa Canina Seed Extract as ingredients, both of which soothe, soften and protect your skin.


An eyeliner's application holds the utmost importance; because liners contact the sensitive skin around your eyes. Quality eyeliners mustn't easily crack, irritate or run, and should apply effortlessly.

Formula-wise, Marc Jacobs Highliner gave an outstanding performance! Compared to the Urban Decay Eye Pencil I previously owned, which created intensity but watered my eyes and failed to stay put; the Marc Jacobs liner felt lighter and lasted longer, while providing similar intensity.

Similar, but not the same.

The Urban Decay eyeliner has richer pigmentation, and exuded sensuality. Its deep, powerful color enhanced eyes with darker pupils. 

The Marc Jacobs eyeliner appeared duller. However, if you seek super-charged intensity, simply draw the same line two or three times for a darker shade.

Staying Power

Ah! My favorite feature of this eyeliner! It lasted, and lasted, and then some. The only way to take it off was with an oil of some sort. (I used coconut.) 

And again, it stayed put all day, didn't smudge, and provided the quality it promised.

After Washing With Soap

After Removing With Coconut Oil and Cleansing Towelettes


The liner encased in a sheen and simple black-and-white box, reflecting the brand's minimal style. The pencil itself, also dual-colored--instead of white a gleaming silver--delivered a sense of luxury. When you hold the box, you know something special resides inside.

The pencil also has a built-in sharpener (see below). It's concealed at the end tip, and twists off. It's quite an innovative feature: because the pencil is a twist-tube; the tiny, feather-weight sharpener need only to fit the tip of the crayon. It keeps crayon sharpened, save production cost, and adds value to the product.


For $25 (per 0.01 oz), you can acquire the liner at your local Sephora. It's a fair price for a brand-name. You can also find it on Amazon here. (Affiliate)


Believe so.


After Applying Liner Only

After Applying Rest of Eye Makeup

Thank you for reading today's Marc Jacobs Highliner Review!

Have you tried it?


  1. This looks like a great eyeliner! I have been loving Urban Decay after getting frustrated with drugstore options.

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  2. im loving this eyeliner too
    recently i got invited to sephora to review marc jacobs product.
    kindly check them out <3


  3. Hope you have been well! I like many of Marc Jacobs beauty line but have yet to try the liner. I am really loving the Tom Ford one right now. Will look at this for future. Have a GREAT Christmas!!

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