Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Proud (Stay-at-Home) Mama - Happy Birthday to Jo!

You are a stay-at-home mom. What do you do alllllllllllllllllllllll day?

(LOL.) If I had a dollar each time I hear that question...

What do I do all day? I raise my daughter. On top of feeding, changing, bathing and cleaning after her, I bring her out everyday, and give her an opportunity to discover the world.

It has been two years -- Jo just turned two recently -- and it has been an absolute pleasure.

Happy 2nd birthday to my precious.

Treats for Kids

Because our family is in town, we didn't throw a huge birthday party. We did, however, share a little something with Jo's classmates and friends at CISC Seattle (Chinese Information Services Center). Especially since a lot of the class are underprivileged immigrants.

We brought in yummy cupcakes and brownies for all the children. There were even left overs for the hard-working CISC staff.

Can't say 'no' to these brownie bites.

Red velvet cake - one of our faves.

About CISC Seattle

Being a new immigrant is hard. You have to start all over in a new country.

CISC Seattle started with a few young students in the 1970's to help Seattle's immigrant community get acquainted to a new life. Now, it is a full-blown nonprofit that provides services such as ESL classes, workshops for elders, job placement, and of course, classes for children.

Jo and I have been going to CISC's toddler class for almost one year. Not only does my daughter enjoy the classroom activities, she also met many new friends.

Tasty Dim Sum

A few of our CISC classmates went to dim sum at the International District afterwards. We all love discovering hole in the wall places, and found Duk Li Dim Sum quite tasty.

Toddlers usually don't behave in restaurants. But the little ones did so well that day. They even walked out hand-in-hand. How sweet!

Duk Li Seattle
Another fantastic hole in the wall in the International District.

Duk Li Seattle
This pan fried noodle was my absolute favorite.

Duk Li Seattle
S's supple dumplings.

Duk Li Seattle
Hand rolled rice noodles with Chinese sausage.

Duk Li Seattle
Tofu skin roll - delicious and nutritious.

Duk Li Seattle
This pork and rice dish was only $1.95.

Duk Li Seattle
My absolute favorite - sticky rice in lotus leaf.

Of Course There are Presents

What's a birthday without presents?

I tried so hard to refrain from spoiling my little girl, but it's just impossible. Plus, toddler clothes these days are stylishly irresistible.

 Happy birthday Jo!

It has been a pleasure raising you.

To protect children's privacy, I will never post their photos without parents' consent. But I do confess that they are an adorable bunch, and all enjoyed the treats.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Rimming Technique (Beauty Blog Post)

Need a new technique for smokey eyes? Try rimming.

There are many smokey eye makeup tutorials. My favorite, however, has to be the "rimming technique." It's easy to do, and provides a nice, subtle, smokey eye result.


REVLON Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in "105 Plum Galaxy"

Revlon Diamond Lust eye shadow is a new line of eye shadows by Revlon.

These eye shadows have tiny speckles of glitter. I especially liked this plum color.

Step 1

Dip sponge in Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow to obtain a generous amount.

Apply eye shadow to your lid. Stop at crease.

**Note: if you are Asian, stop at your fold.

Using a sponge actually helps with the "rimming technique."

Step 2

Use sponge and apply shadow to your bottom lash line.

Application to the bottom "rims" your eyes - rim, get it?

Application to top and bottom provides a nice rimmed effect.

Step 3

Rim top and bottom lash line with a dark eye liner.

Stay as close to your lash line as possible. 

Using an eye liner emphasizes the shape of your eyes.

Step 4

 Use a blending brush and add high lighter to your brow bone.

I am using CoverGirl eye shadow in "pink chiffon."

A blending brush works well for your brow bone.

Step 5

Curl lashes and apply mascara.


Smokey but subtle.

Add blush and gloss, and you are done.

Hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial.

Have you heard of the rimming technique?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - My Biggest Blog Inspiration

Even the most creative beauty and fashion bloggers run out of ideas. Therefore, we are constantly searching for blog inspiration. Many of us find inspiration through magazines, photos on the web, or other beauty and fashion blogs -- all great places, but none of them compare to our girlfriends.

Out shopping with a couple of girlfriends today. They suggested embellishing my big belly with sequins.

Engineer Girl Syndrome

In college, I met a lot of girls with Engineer Girl Syndrome. Having gone through school and working with mostly men, these girls are used to an extreme amount of male attention. 

They then purposely seclude themselves from other females, for retaining male attention, fear of rejection, or whatever reason I will never understand. Many of them won't give other girls the slightest chance, especially girls who are into beauty and fashion.

After a delicious lunch, we got some milk tea.

And then conducted more shopping :O)

Everyone Needs Girlfriends

Sure some girls can be catty, jealous and gossipy. But most girls are caring, compassionate and fun. They are sharers of laughter during good times, shoulders to lean on during hard times, and the most genuine people I have ever met. 

They also make the best inspiration for any beauty and fashion blogger. But you will never know how wonderful girlfriends can be, if you never let them in.

Yum. Friday dim sum with mama friends, who always educate and inspire me.

How Girlfriends Inspire

Girlfriends inspire me in so many ways -- through girl talk, advice sharing, fun nights out, and shopping trips. 

It's because of my girlfriends -- or how much I miss them after moving to Seattle (in 2007) -- that I started Girlie Blog Seattle, so I can find others through cyber space to share my passion for beauty and fashion with.   

Don't Be So Quick to Judge

I'm sure you do not have the Engineer Girl Syndrome. But if you ever find yourself judging someone who enjoys beauty and fashion -- please stop.

You never know what this person has to offer. Perhaps she is the lifelong friend you always wanted, and your biggest blog inspiration.

Have you met anyone with Engineer Girl Syndrome?

Who is your biggest blog inspiration?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Teal Tank

When your belly is this big, you might as well show it off. Add some fun to your pregnancy fashion, and wear a summery color like eye-catching teal.

This ribbed tank top is stretchy and crisp. It hugs a curvy, pregnant body perfectly. Add a maxi skirt on the bottom, and I'm bright and casual, and ready to go.

Whoa! Check out my belly button. Totally popping out.

Taking a sweet moment to embrace the little one inside.

Big and proud - turning to the side and showing it off.

I'm loving this teal color. So bright and summery.

Would you wear this teal tank if you are pregnant?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - Creating a Blog - 5 Reasons to Start a Blog

Why are you creating a blog?

Why not. Most importantly, why does anyone else care?

Your blog is your own creative space -- a place of self expression and personal outlet. Plus, most platforms are free for beginners. You start a blog for your own reason(s), and it is nobody's business.

However, if you need further convincing, then I've got five great reasons why you should start a blog.

1. To Share Your Passion

Unfortunately, in real life, you have few friends who share the same passion as you do. When you talk to people about your interests, they often don't seem interested or even become annoyed. 

For example, expressing your enthusiasm about a recent shopping haul may come off as narcissistic or being a show off. But really, all you want to do is share your passion for fashion.

If you start a fashion blog, then you can write all you want about hauls, trends, accessories, etc. Those who do stop by to share their opinions are most likely interested in the same things. It's not only fun to find others you identify with, but comforting too.

Accessory shopping at F21 - it's very serious for me :O)

2. To Have a Product of Your Own

Most likely, you work for other people. Though you gain experience and knowledge from your job, you don't have a concrete product that is wholly your own.

Your blog, however, is yours. It is about subjects you like, has your personality all over it, and you make it as amazing as you want it to be. 

Your blog is your own product -- something you can be proud of. Now doesn't it feel good to be in the driver's seat?

3. To Help Others

What you are passionate about is also what you know a lot about. Sharing your expertise on a blog can reach someone who might be looking for a solution. 

A first-person review on a beauty product? Easy ways to tone down a funky trend? Who knows? You just might help someone out in your next post.

4. To Be a Part of a Community

We all have a need to belong.

As your blog grows, so will your followers, and other blogs you follow. Being a part of a loving, supportive community makes you feel significant and purposeful. Having an audience gives you incentive to become a better blogger.

Doesn't it feel good to belong?

5. To Make Extra Money

Who doesn't want extra money, right? I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and any extra cash is good for my family.

When you are ready, you can always open your blog for commercialization. Even just to fund your blogging habit.

Since I officially opened Girlie Blog Seattle for monetization last November, I have been making around $100 - $150 per month. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it's still $100 more than what I had nine months ago.

Successful blogs (that make a full-time income) are like Hollywood actors -- every "overnight" sensation is 10 years in the making. The longer you blog, the wider your audience, and therefore the more business opportunities you receive.

Hey, money is money. I'd rather have a dollar more than none.

To conclude this Blogging Tips Weekly, I'm going to borrow Nike's famous logo,

Just Do It.

What are your reasons for creating a blog?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - One Size Fits All

When a dress is "one size fits all," you know it's a candidate for pregnancy fashion

My husband noticed that I have been running out of things to wear, and insisted on buying maternity clothes for me. So sweet of him! 

I didn't want to use too much of his spending money (we have separate bank accounts), so I walked away with just two things. This long maxi dress, a one size fits all, is one of them.

I love this dress's camel color, sexy straps, and floral details. But mostly, I love the way it comfortably fits a pregnant body. Plus, it's always nice to have clothes that fit after pregnancy too. I can definitely see myself wearing this next summer.

The background is a Bavarian-themed mountain town called Leavenworth. A must-see if you ever visit WA state.

I'm officially in the third trimester - yay! Can't you tell by the size of my belly?


Thanks again to my husband for buying me this beautiful maxi dress.


Maxi dresses are great for pregnancy fashion. Especially if they are "one size fits all."


What do you think?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Ways to Remove and Prevent Age Spots (Beauty Blog Post)

Compared to 20-something skin, 30-something skin has more lines, less elasticity, larger pores, and visible age spots

At 34, my skin has become unsightly through aging, and has been experiencing age spots.

Age spots are harmless. They are just tiny pockets of melanin that darkens with sun exposure. The older you get, the more sun exposure you accumulate, and the more occurrences of age spots you have.

You cannot help aging, but you can prevent age spots or even remove them with use of products. Whether you are in your supple 20's or your ripe 30's (like me), these suggestions should help.

How to Remove and Prevent Age Spots

Wash your face. Twice a day.

Routine cleaning is key to a healthy glow and even skin tone. Thoroughly wash your face morning and night keeps your skin fresh and blemish-free.

It also helps to use a blemish control cleanser like St. Ive's.

Clarisonic really helps with deep cleaning.

St.Ive's Apricot Scrub is an affordable product for blemish control.

Make sun protection priority.

Even on cloudy days, your skin is exposed to UV. (It comes through the clouds. No joke.)

Make sure your skin products contains sufficient SPF.

SPF of at least 15 is a requirement for a daily moisturizer.

Use concealer and foundation.

Sometimes, we all need makeup magic. A concealer hides skin's imperfections while foundation gives you flawless coverage.

Using Clinique concealer and Revlon ColorStay Whipped foundation.

Before concealer and foundation
Age spots and blemishes appear without makeup.

After concealer and foundation
Skin looks much more clear with concealer and foundation.

Eat healthy foods.

Consuming foods rich in vitamins and proteins may not provide immediate results, but they give you long term health benefits that include beautiful skin.

Salmon contains essential vitamins and omega 3's. Plus, it's delicious.

Use an age spot cream.

Luminaze is one of the best creams for age spots. It is made with special enzymes that break down hyper pigmented melanin. This gives you an even skin tone.

Age spots are annoying. But with the best age spot creams, careful sun protection and other daily methods, you can certainly prevent them.

Any other suggestions to remove and prevent age spots?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Natural Cure for Pregnancy Insomnia

There is no beauty sleep during pregnancy. 

In addition to pregnancy's horrible side effects, you don't sleep well at night. All the heart burn, heaviness, bloating and hot flashes make it hard to obtain needed rest.

Recently I discovered pure camomile tea, and it seems to help. This herbal sleep aid is 100% caffeine free and completely natural. One whiff of this herbal brew sends me to relaxation.

Pure Camomile Tea by Twinings

 Are you also a mama-to-be? Hang in there girl! Month 9 is not that far away.

And if you are just suffering from insomnia, and not pregnancy, you can benefit from camomile tea also.

Any other cure for insomnia out there?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Asian Beauty Tip - How to Find a Crease for Asian Eye Makeup

I have typical Asian eyes. My fold (or crease) is flatter than other races' folds. While most eye shadows' and palettes' crease colors look good on other races, they often look too dark and unflattering on a typical Asian crease.

Numerous makeup artists tried to do my eye crease. They all made me look like I was punched in the face. Then, I met a mama friend who worked as a makeup artist in NYC. The best part is that she is also Asian.

After trying out her suggestion on how to find crease for Asian eye makeup, I was totally enlightened. Not only was this method easy, it worked beautifully.

Here's how:

 What to Use:

1. A flat eye shadow brush.

Ecotools makes a great eye shadow brush.

Flat bristles make it easy to apply to the crease.

2. An eye shadow that is two shades darker than your skin tone.

CoverGirl's Tapestry Taupe is an all-time favorite.

This color is just the right shade for yellow skin tone.

What to Do:

Step 1

Find your crease.

AVOID using your regular fold as the crease. It works for others, but not for Asians.

Our features are flat in comparison, so what would have been our crease is not obvious. Instead, some of us have a fold that misleads us to believe as a crease. It is not.

DO find your actual crease by pressing into your brow bone.

The crease you create by pressing the brow bone is your actual crease. It is what you should use to apply eye shadow with.

Step 2

Sweep eye shadow from left and right on the crease line you just found.

Continue this back and forth a few times.

Optional: fill in the entire area below crease line if you want.

Dip brush into eye shadow to obtain a generous amount of color.

Just sweep shadow back and forth from left to right. Use a light hand to avoid packing on too much.

This creates a shadowing effect that makes your eyes appear bigger and deeper.

This works for mono lids too. No matter what kind of lids you have, you still have a brow bone.

Step 3

Dust a layer of natural powder to make it softer.

I used E.L.F mineral powder foundation.

You can also use highlighter shadow. But I used natural powder for a softer appearance.

Step 4

Add mascara and eyeliner.

And you are done!

A very easy and natural way to make your crease more noticeable.

Added blush and gloss, and you are ready to go.

So glad I learned this trick.

Do you have any ways to find crease for Asian eye makeup?