Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - One Size Fits All

When a dress is "one size fits all," you know it's a candidate for pregnancy fashion

My husband noticed that I have been running out of things to wear, and insisted on buying maternity clothes for me. So sweet of him! 

I didn't want to use too much of his spending money (we have separate bank accounts), so I walked away with just two things. This long maxi dress, a one size fits all, is one of them.

I love this dress's camel color, sexy straps, and floral details. But mostly, I love the way it comfortably fits a pregnant body. Plus, it's always nice to have clothes that fit after pregnancy too. I can definitely see myself wearing this next summer.

The background is a Bavarian-themed mountain town called Leavenworth. A must-see if you ever visit WA state.

I'm officially in the third trimester - yay! Can't you tell by the size of my belly?


Thanks again to my husband for buying me this beautiful maxi dress.


Maxi dresses are great for pregnancy fashion. Especially if they are "one size fits all."


What do you think?

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