Monday, July 2, 2012

Clinique Lip Gloss (Long Last Glosswear) Review

Shiny and pearly -- don't you love how lip gloss looks?

I was lucky to have caught Clinique Skin Care's giveaway at Nordstrom, and received a Clinique lip gloss (Long Last Glosswear, to be exact) as a part of a Clinique skin care gift package. This particular lip gloss is in color "mystic," a soft, grape-y tint. I was excited to try it out and share my experience.

A few people told me that Clinique lip gloss are the best lip gloss in beauty. Let's see if they are correct or not?

Clinique long last glosswear lip gloss in "mystic."


Clinique Long Last Glosswear Lip Gloss Review

Lip Gloss Formula

  • This Clinique lip gloss has a rich formula that felt thick on the lips -- a little too thick for my comfort.
  • One single application gave enough coverage.
  • Formula looked super shiny and consistent.

Nice and thick. The formula is lush and rich.


  • Beautiful soft purple color that matches most skin tones.
  • The tint wasn't too heavy or too light. It looked perfect.

Lasting Power

  • Again, formula was thick, so lip gloss was packed with lasting power.
  • Compared to others I have tried, Clinique lip gloss stayed on longer as far as color goes.
  • Its veil of shine, however, disappeared after a short time, as I like to lip my lips.

Overall Quality

  • By its rich formula alone, I can tell that Clinique lip gloss is no ordinary gloss. It's super rich, super shiny, and contains consistent formula.
  • The overall quality of this product is pretty high.


  • Twist top was easy to use. Packaging looked simple. No problem there.

A simple twist top applicator is always the best.


  • Beautiful color. So glad it suited Asian skin.
  • Long lasting power.
  • Fragrance free and SPF 15 are always a plus.


  • Although a thick formula is nice, it felt too gooey for me.


Overall Rating



No. But only because a regular tube cost about $15 at department stores. I honestly believe some drugstore brands can deliver the same quality, if not better.

A close up at the lip gloss.

With the rest of the face. I like how "Mystic" is a becoming color for yellow skin.

 The best lip gloss? I think not.

But Clinique Long Last Lip Gloss did well enough.

Have you tried it? Did you think it deserves the "best lip gloss" title?

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