Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last Week's Insta-Eat, -Do and -Wear in Seattle (Fashion Blog Post)

Of course you use Instagram.

You are light years ahead of me. 

Finally jumped on the bandwagon, and have been addicted since. Created a little account, documenting adventures in Seattle with our daughters. Because this blog is -- somewhat, kind of -- fashion-related, please allow everyday insta-outfits too.

Don't worry.

Outfits are simple, casual and true to Seattle's active lifestyle. 

Honestly, just wanted to share beautiful Seattle with whoever cares to stop by.


Eat: Macrina Bakery

Because: everything's made from scratch, using local ingredients; and tastes insanely good.

Love their pinwheel, by the way! Hope you try it.

Do: Go Up the Space Needle

Because: a 360-degree panoramic view of Seattle is absolutely breathtaking.

Wear: A Bright Top

Because: Seattle winters are rainy and gloomy, but Seattle women are not.


Eat: Deru Market Kirkland

Because: their desserts are mouthwatering!

Thank you to long-time friend T.C for introducing it to us!

Do: Houghton Beach Park

Because: the beach has a gorgeous view, and the kiddos like the pirate-themed playground.

Wear: Long Cardi and Scarf. Or something equally warm.

Because: the beach gets a little chilly, so it's appropriate to bundle up.


Eat: Spud's Fish and Chips (Alki Beach, West Seattle)

Because: Spud has the best fish and chips in town--and they are reasonably priced.

Do: Alki Beach Stroll

Because: Alki's lovely, and a Seattle landmark.

Wear: Flannel and Jeans

Because: Seattle women prefer staying true to Seattle style.


Eat: Top Pot Donuts

Because: the company is Seattle-grown and offers the BEST donuts in town.

Do: Ferry Ride to Bremmerton

Because: it's a beautiful, peaceful ride across the Sound.

Wear: Bulky Jacket and Big Prints

Because: Seattle women are down-to-earth. We dress for the weather while making bold statements.


Eat: Beef Noodle Soup at Phuket Thai Restaurant (Uptown, Seattle)

Because: cold weather and warm soup create a fitting combo.

Do: Kerry Park

Because: it is the best viewpoint in town

No joke.

Wear: Superman Top

Because: Superman is my husband's idol, as my husband is mine. (Sorry everyone! I'm a self-indulgent fashion blogger after all.)

Thanks for your time!

Hope you are having a fun and fabulous weekend.